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If you are an AT&T user who knows and understands their products in and out, then here's an opportunity to help other AT&T users by providing them personalized support when they need help. Answer queries about AT&T products and get paid for helping out!

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Help the AT&T community and earn $$ cash rewards for your great advice.

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  • AT&T Mobile
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Note: If you are an expert user of AT&T Mobile, TV devices and Wireline solutions, please feel free to come back and take up the other skills test too.

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AT&T's gig customer service is powered by AT&T experts using Movate OnDemand, powered by Directly, now acquired by Movate. The platform matches customer questions to the right experts who get alerts on their mobile devices. Experts work together to provide help and earn rewards & reputation points based on their answers.

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About Us

Movate is a global customer experience and technology services provider with over 12,000 employees across 20 global locations. We have delivered business outcomes for top organizations with our pragmatic, democratized innovation approach and passionate Movaters across 5 continents. With our recent acquisition of Directly OnDemand, we have a global network of over 8,000+ gig experts in various technologies and brands across 60 countries supporting over 100 languages.


Get notified on your smartphone about questions you're qualified to answer


Earn rewards for providing answers and assisting other experts, on your schedule.


Collect testimonials by providing fast, personalized help to customers in need.

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