Welcoming Our Warriors (WOW) Program

CSS Corp believes in giving back to those who served and defended our nation. We have a special place for veterans from the Indian armed forces to help them discover a new purpose during the post-retirement years. After years of tough service, finding one’s groove in an organization may seem unsettling to some. Being a veterans’ employer of choice, we offer the WOW program to help our warriors make the transition and rekindle a fresh new start. Vets bring resilience, dedication, discipline, and strong work ethics.

We leave no one behind If you’re a veteran spouse or a working mom or dad who happens to be the spouse of a veteran, we can help you start a new chapter in your career. Look no further than the most awarded and fastest-growing CX and tech services provider in the industry. You’re looking at the intersection point of more than 10,000 diverse minds, viewpoints, and cultures.

Making a brand-new start at this stage in life may seem farfetched but making a brand-new end is possible. WOW, the program is a salute and a call to all Indian ex-servicemen and women to join CSS Corp.

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