The concept of cloud computing infrastructure services has seen a drastic growth in the past few years as companies are all looking to take their data and secure it safely online. Cloud management is the overarching administration of a company’s IT and computing infrastructure that ensures it is all managed seamlessly. It also stores data on the cloud which is readily available, yet safely protected from within the company itself.

CMP (Cloud Management Platform) works by combining different features of the cloud environment. It provides a single solution that comprehensively covers all aspects of data storage and transfer by segregating the data and uploading it to the cloud. This is done by breaking the process into day one and day two works to implement CMP easier.

For a better understanding of the Day one and Day two concepts more clearly, here is a brief definition:

  •    Day one capabilities: It provides complete services related to the application for computing as well as services of infrastructure that relate to the storage and networking of data. Overall, it makes work easy for IT teams to control and to perform things better within a computing ecosystem.
  •    Day two capabilities: It helps IT teams to manage and control changes across the service stacks which covers UPS resizing, addressing QoS (Quality of Service) aspect with the associated services that are running with the program.

CMP helps in optimising the overall workload by following established policies. It manages public, private and hybrid clouds, including categories such as self-service interfaces, provision system, cloud metering and billing.

The advanced version of CMP also helps in supporting external enterprise management by grouping resources of network and storage. This allows for an improvement of resource management and prioritising data.

The main aim behind using CMP is to control internal software interfaces and technologies together. This also includes its differing infrastructure tools like hardware, storage, networks etc. By controlling internal software, you can bring it all under one umbrella that makes it so much easier to manage work and task management. This will eliminate the need for protracted meetings to sync all networks and this is the biggest advantage that you can enjoy with CMP.

The platform is mostly used by large-scale infrastructure and experienced IT enterprises who want to convert themselves into automation-driven companies and also provide services instead of operations. There are lots of companies who are opting for this tool for their business owing to its ease of use and access. Apart from that, controlling multiple clouds can be hectic and time-consuming, which is why the need for a management provider is more.

CMP is a one-stop shop for vendors who are looking for a solution where they can relay and get services that they want in the cloud product. Cloud management platforms also reduce the burden on the shoulders of IT companies by providing services that enable them to manage and control internal IT infrastructure better. Finally, it also provides an interface to speed up the process of migrating and offers the results that the company wants.


If you sum up everything, CMP is a kind of tool that is used to make laaS (Infrastructure as a service) organise and handle the support of a company automatically. The primary targets CMPs get into discussions with are the IT administrators and the CTO, who are mainly involved in managing the overall IT work of the infrastructure.

There are lots of features that a CMP can provide, but only a few out of them play a crucial role and fall under the category of 'must have' as it can eliminate any future risk and issues with cloud services. Here are the features which are not only important to have in your CMP, but help you understand the whole concept better:

Provision images system: A Cloud management platform allows for better access to different types of images via self-service interference option. This makes it easier to handle data that involves the use of multiple images that would otherwise take up a lot of storage space externally.

Optimizing the overall workload: The idea behind CPM introduction in the IT market is to make workflow better, optimising the best practice and managing the provided resources to get better results without losing out on either money or time. CMP is built interlinked, which means that the features of the platform are connected internally and work together. This means that the tool can automatically control the infrastructure and make adjustments when necessary. The platform also helps in decision-making. It can also play a role in managing and creating policy frameworks.

Metering and billing: This is another crucial feature provided by the Cloud management platform. Cloud management helps in accurately handling data that can be compiled and assessed to figure out breakpoints that add a little extra to the bill.  For companies who don’t want to lose money or have a budget set, CRM is beneficial as it controls the inside services related to HR, marketing, sales, accounting etc. It also provides all the information that pertains to the customers. The feature also offers a track option that makes it easier to know about the smaller details of metering which can help a company to eliminate the risks and try different things.

Enables the external management tool: It works by centralising all the relevant technologies in one interface, which can be very helpful in monitoring, managing the workflow etc. Various IT companies have used this for a very long time, for different parts of their business. This tool can either directly connect and collect all necessary information or pilot it to the primary operation for execution.

Create own templates for easier management: With time, you can create your template and push-button deployment which makes it simpler to manage your task force. Thus, you can seamlessly utilise tools that are indigenous to your company’s software and store it in the cloud.

Apart from all these features, CMP offers a lot more. Compared to the rest of the products that are in the market, CMP provides better results with optimising the best resources without wasting money and time. It also helps in managing the performance of the management by interrelating all patterns and services to make sure that the infrastructure is always using the standard resources.


The Cloud management platform has some amazing benefits. Here are some of the biggest advantages:

Improving the Resource management

The use of CMP is beneficial to get better resources for optimising and improving the overall management of infrastructure. Also, an important part of this cloud management system is that it controls everything on its own without depending on any other things and decides the use of resources based on the company’s repository. Apart from this, it also provides the control to resize and change according to the requirement and needs of the infrastructure.

Helps in boosting the results experience

CMP offers a self-service option which reduces the automation manual work and provides businesses that provide better results to the users.   It accelerates the speed of service delivery providing a better experience for end users.

Visibility of central data and information

As compared to other solutions, CMP has a better ability to handle fundamental data that contains all the relevant information. It enables better handling of troubleshooting and other problem situations and ensures similar situations do not arise in the future. Also, it controls and makes sure SLA’s (Service-Level Agreements) are adhered to, and the company can get more requests based on or for their resources.

Easy access and control

The use of CMP can reduce the chances of depending on other portals or devices to store by handling most of the task load on its own, in one place. This boosts the performance of the overall infrastructure by having a holistic approach. It allows for controlling and managing everything by providing standard services and features to IT companies who can then utilise it.

Flexible and simple

The Cloud Management Platform makes it easier for enterprises to provide better outcomes as it is flexible in its implementation.   

. It reduces the hassle and eliminates the chances of delay that can affect business management.  The feeling of independence and power to access everything at once makes the system more user-friendly and less complicated.

CSS Corp cloud computing solutions are at the forefront of reimagining customer engagement.

As per records for CMP from CSS Corp’s end, there is no doubt that the tool is not only helpful but has also gone on to become one of the best innovations in IT. CSS Corp enables the use of its services to more than 2500 websites with the promise of privacy and excellent security of data. Apart from that, other offerings include:

  • Assessment services of cloud portfolio
  • Migration facilities for an industrialized cloud
  • Optimizing cloud services

CSS Corp is making sure to provide cloud computing infrastructure services that can improve the experience of the users as well as boost the management of the IT companies. We also provide correct service models for corporations.

Thus, CSS Corp is working as one of the leading CMPs in the country, and with our six-layer security cover, we ensure companies never have their sensitive data breached. Understanding the need for cloud computing infrastructure services at this hour is crucial and CSS Corp provides all the required tools to make sure that the transition is smooth and easy.

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