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The advent and adoption of new age connected devices, digital technologies including cloud have rapidly transformed businesses and organizations across industries. Cloud help accelerate your business by enabling other digital technologies, such as social media, mobility, big data and advanced analytics and automation. Cloud computing is becoming a mainstream component of enterprise IT. Cloud makes a compelling business case and addresses the operational, tactical, and strategic requirements of organizations by providing customer-specific solutions.



As the result of widespread adoption success stories, enterprises are making significant investments in the cloud. According to Forrester Research, the public cloud market is expected to grow three-fold between 2013 to 2020 from $58 billion to $191 billion.

Despite the increased cloud computing trends, enterprises are finding it difficult to identify the right cloud strategy, model and still lacks clarity in segmentation and prioritization of applications for cloud migration. A major complaint from enterprise IT is that the cloud transformation journey is too long, fraught with issues and expensive as compared to maintaining the status quo. Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) has solutions to such complaints with the right approach to move enterprise IT to cloud



One of the major challenge faced by the enterprises with the cloud is, adopting the right migrating approach. With systems built on different standards and platforms, enterprises still lack clarity in segmentation and prioritization of applications for cloud migration. Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) uses the following three methods to move the applications to the cloud.

Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) - cloud readiness assessment

Bolster your enterprise cloud transformation with Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) CRAFT

We at CSS Corp, have designed our cloud transformation services with efficient cloud migration with minimal disruptions to business, operations and end users. Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) Cloud Readiness Assessment Framework for Transformation (CRAFT) help organizations rapidly migrate their enterprise applications to the cloud and deliver better services and products to their customers. We simplify the assessment of applications for Cloud Readiness Assessment using CRAFT.

CRAFT sets up the transformation rhythm for the enterprise. We assess the business aspects, technological aspects and the operational aspects of the enterprises.

This Cloud Readiness Assessment enables the enterprises to understand the financial savings, business improvements and security implications in cloud migration. CRAFT automates the process of assessing an application fitment to move to the cloud which in turn eliminates human intervention and errors. The tools, platform integrations, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) and an Operational Level Agreement (OLA) requirements are also analyzed using this approach.

A review of the outcomes of the Cloud Readiness Assessment with appropriate validation and corrections results in a cloud strategy and roadmap that enables a successful cloud migration. Consultation on maximizing ROI on legacy data center (applications, services, technology, storage, and connectivity) after cloud transformation is provided by CRAFT experts who also ratify the ‘To Be’ architecture.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Business benefits through CRAFT

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Why Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp)?

Movate designs build and manage enterprise-class public cloud infrastructure, platform and software solutions that meet the performance, security and scalability needs of the enterprise. As a long-standing integrator and an advanced consulting partner of AWS, our cloud services cover the complete lifecycle of the cloud computing services right from readiness assessment, design, provisioning, migration, cloud security till the go-live state and solution support. Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) CRAFT framework for cloud assessment services ensures that the client environment can be migrated to public cloud with minimal disruptions, low risks, and reduced costs.

CSS Corp is now Movate

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