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Success stories of our clients who put their trust in our expertise
and won the hearts of millions of end-consumers.

CSS Corp is helping us monitor the infrastructure in our stores, making sure that the equipment is working and satisfying the customer, by reducing help desk calls for problem areas, by reducing emergency dispatches. CSS Corp has added strategic value to our firm

CIO of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Company

CSS Corp has been able to deliver seamless experience from the first engagement from a customer’s perspective and from the process perspective. CSS Corp has been able to maintain the SLAs with superior quality

Sr Director, Customer Success of a Leading Internet Telephony Service Provider

CSS Corp are very good listeners and they put out a very good solution for our needs. CSS Corp has now stepped up as the front line for our management team

Global Director, Leading Global Provider of Wireless Broadband Solutions

I see CSS Corp as being a strong partner of ours. They are helping us create a go-to-market with some of the really important strategic moves that we’re making in the Cloud, Social Media and Knowledge Management

SVP, Global Services for a Leading Telecommunications Equipment Company

CSS Corp is an excellent partner. When I say partner, I really mean it. I don’t think there is any other partner I value as much as CSS Corp

Director, Customer Care for a Leading Telecom Company
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