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CSS EDISON™ Mobile Assist


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From social connect and real-time news to entertainment and services, mobile phones have become a conduit for almost all experiences in the modern life. But if the extent of your mobile support is limited to calling, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to offer personalized and impactful customer experiences. CSS EDISON™ Mobile Assist is an easy-to-deploy mobile application for your brand to provide a single window for all customer service needs – one-tap cognitive assistant, visual IVR, instant appointment and field service scheduling, integrated live support, and intelligent self-service. Its intuitive AI and NLP technology driven core understands customer needs and drives next best experience in real-time.


CSS Corp’s Customer Experience Transformation Platform


CSS Edison™ – CX Transformation Platform


Top 5 Emerging Trends in CX and Contact Centers

Case Study

24% Customer Churn Reduction for a Leading Telecom Conglomerate, Made Possible by CSS Edison™ Smart Routing Solution


Craft holistic experiences amidst increasing influence of DIGITAL MESSAGING


Conversational AI Driving Next-gen CX

CSS Corp is now Movate

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