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As per a Gartner research, 88% of customer service leaders feel their quality assurance processes are ineffective and rarely match up to the customer view of quality. CSS EDISON™ Quality Manager is an advanced AI-based quality assurance automation solution that ensures each and every customer interaction on every channel meets the high standards of service that your customers expect and deserve. It is easily configurable to your process requirements and smart enough to understand the language nuances to provide instant feedback on quantitative as well as qualitative parameters.


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CSS Edison™ – CX Transformation Platform


Top 5 Emerging Trends in CX and Contact Centers

Case Study

24% Customer Churn Reduction for a Leading Telecom Conglomerate, Made Possible by CSS Edison™ Smart Routing Solution


Craft holistic experiences amidst increasing influence of DIGITAL MESSAGING


Conversational AI Driving Next-gen CX

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