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CSS EDISON™ Visual Assist
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CSS Corp is one of the first companies to offer Augmented Reality (AR) as a novel and distinct channel for premium support. Provide your customers a visually immersive and highly engaging support channel with CSS EDISON™ Visual Assist and eliminate their pain of conveying their needs accurately, which is where most traditional support channels fail. It goes much beyond the simple overlaying of digital information over the physical product. It is smart enough to understand the user’s interaction with the product, detect any issues, and recommend the best course of action. With an in-built voice assistant and enterprise-grade security, it is sure to skyrocket your CX to the next level.


CSS Corp’s Customer Experience Transformation Platform


CSS Edison™ – CX Transformation Platform


Top 5 Emerging Trends in CX and Contact Centers

Case Study

24% Customer Churn Reduction for a Leading Telecom Conglomerate, Made Possible by CSS Edison™ Smart Routing Solution


Craft holistic experiences amidst increasing influence of DIGITAL MESSAGING


Conversational AI Driving Next-gen CX

CSS Corp is now Movate

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