Welcome to the Great CX Heroes Awards

How can we reward heroes for their selfless work? With awards, of course.

Introducing The Great CX Heroes Awards 1st edition, a new series of awards to recognize some of the stellar employees who have demonstrated true empathy in their customer interactions and driven customer delight. We picked 5 winners for this edition.

Meet our CX Heroes!

A simple act of caring from Marcela Olague, US

"I remember the client calling me in tears, saying that if she could adopt me as her daughter, that would be her honor. Instances like these make me love my work more, and I would never be happier anywhere else," says Marcela, CTAS customer representative.

Sally, a senior citizen, was facing issues with the dealership for over 4 months and had not gotten any update or loaner vehicle. Even after rigorous follow-ups, she was unable to get a response to her query. With her daughter living abroad and her husband suffering from dementia – she was trying hard to keep it together. Being an elderly couple, they both have multiple doctor appointments to attend to, and were struggling to find a ride so frequently. When Sally reached out to our CX hero, Marcela, she worked day in and day out and got an update from the dealership about one of the parts being back-ordered. She ensured that the dealership put them in a loaner for time-being and that the old couple now has hassle-free doctor visits.

Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories of other winners coming up soon!



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