CSS Corp’s helps some of the large Communications, Media & Technology companies increase their revenues and improve operational efficiencies by connecting with millions of consumers. We deliver a range of services from premium tech support to analytics to IoT based solutions that prepare you to provide a new-age experience that keeps your consumers loyal forever.

End-to-end product lifecycle support, 24/7 multilingual, multi-channel Tech support

We deliver cost friendly incident management solutions and infrastructure management support services for communication media and technology industry

Transform business processes, enhance customer relationships and build a favorable competitive advantage

Our digital support solutions help you to consolidate all your channels


Unlocking the power of Customer eXperience. See how we do it

White Paper

50 Bn connected devices globally! Weve cracked IoT support


Busted – 5 disturbing trends and myths in digital testing

Case Study

Read how 80% retail specific cyber-attacks were thwarted


Soar into the cloud with 40% reduction in TCO

Point Of view

How to improve productivity of your support agents by 90%

CSS Corp is now Movate

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