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According to a recent report by statistics, the global telecommunications market is likely to touch USD 1.46trillion by 2020. This staggering growth is driven by wireless and digital technology and through the consumption of readily affordable services like high-speed internet, AR, 5G services.

  • Landbase management
  • Terrain / Surface Modellings (DEM/DTM, DSM)
  • Clutter Management
  • 2D City / Regional Data sets
  • 3D Building
  • Vector/Linear Data Management

  • FTTx Services (includes node, cabinet, building and home)
  • LiDAR and Panoramic Imagery
  • Route/Building Survey
  • Network data capture, migration and conflation
  • Pole loading Analysis and modelling
  • Rules and Guidelines

  • Wave Propagation Modeling
  • RF Planning, Designing & Optimization
  • MIMEO & Cell site Analysis
  • 3D Rendering & Spatial Analysis
  • Backbone/Distribution Design & Planning
  • As-built updates in GIS

  • Network design services with 3D line of Sight and penetration analysis
  • Complete fiber management systems with right-of-way, assets, and geotagging of assets
  • Analytical solutions that allow targeting network investments toward the highest-growth areas
  • Project management tools that integrate with real-time maps and tracking
  • Operations solutions to streamline maintenance and customer support


Geospatial (GIS) Services and Solutions


Location Intelligence unlocks the true value of Geo-Spatial data


How location-based contextualization helps telecommunication companies drive value

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