The recent shift in the manufacturing industry was not just about the quality or about the numbers. It was about the organizations increasingly adopting digital age technologies to rapidly transform to suit the new-age requirements. We work closely with Fortune 500 companies and help them make the best use of automation, analytics and digital technologies to improve the engagements, revenues, operations and analytics solution for manufacturing industries.


Reduce time-to-insight with real-time analytics solution for manufacturing industries and better understanding of customer’s journey


Enable proactive and pre-emptive support through automation to improve Customer eXperience and generate additional revenues

Cloud Consulting

Transform business processes, enhance customer relationships and build a favorable competitive advantage


30% reduction in service desk calls. Where agility meets efficiency

White Paper

Unlock new revenue possibilities with speech analytics


Can you find your customers in 2.6 B social media users and delight them? Analytics can.

Case Study

Converting terabytes of data to new revenue possibilities in real-time


Decode customer behavior and improve your online sales by 67%

Point Of view

Infinite possibilities to generate new revenues – customer support analytics

CSS Corp is now Movate

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