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According to recent research, the worldwide market for Geospatial Technology is expected to rise to USD 17.5 billion by 2023. Map content for Navigation is gaining prominence and visibility with enterprises wanting location intelligence to provide customers more context and content with location-aware services.

  • Detailed Road Network Mapping, Naming & Addressing
  • 2D Landmarks, Footprints, and Transit/Pedestrian Crossing
  • 3D City Models
  • Drive Coding
  • Point of Interests Extraction
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Map Maintenance

  • LiDAR Data Capture Processing
  • 3D Mapping and HD Road Network Mapping
  • Automated Feature Extraction and Object Recognition/ Classification
  • Full Semantic Segmentation
  • Point Cloud Labeling
  • Probe Processing and Curated Crowd Sourcing
  • Video Labelling and Annotation

  • Geo-referencing of floor plans and capturing of attributes from floor plans, visitor maps, directories
  • Capturing of sub-structures and immovable architectural features within each level, such as rooms, elevators, escalators, stairs, walls, doorways, and shelving units.
  • Building topology & logical connectivity of indoor features
  • Research to add additional attributes such as opening hours, phone numbers & any other client-specified details
  • Data delivery in client compatible formats


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How location-based contextualization helps telecommunication companies drive value

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