CSS Corp’s infrastructure support encompasses cost effective, rapid migration and implementation services with a dedicated 'Deployment Acceleration Centre' (DAC). The DAC comprises standardized tools, methodologies, reports and is supported by a skilled team of professionals offering you 24*7 support services.

We constantly ensure that we operate at our efficient best by adhering to strict policies and practices. All our processes and routines are backed by formalized handover procedures and robust communication with onshore project teams.


Infrastructure Deployment

Infrastructure Deployment services provides you with rapid infrastructure deployment to accelerate the implementation of your environment. These services include:

  • Infrastructure Project Deployment: Infrastructure support that can be rapidly deployed to support a newly designed corporate infrastructure platform.
  • End-user Application Management: A set of services that helps you manage and maintain the end-user application environment, enabling you to reach a steady state quickly.

The major offerings under this category are:

Infrastructure Project Deployment

  • Active Directory and support
  • Messaging service - Exchange, Open source and Lotus Notes
  • Storage deployment and provisioning
  • Firewall and Network configuration deployment
  • Application server and SAN provisioning and configuration
  • Backup service implementation and configuration
  • Database deployment and configuration

End-User Application Management

  • Portfolio Management
  • Application Packaging
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Imaging
  • Software Distribution Services



Migration Services

Our Migration Services reduces the time frame for our clients to migrate from their current infrastructure to their newly optimized environment. The following technologies are supported:

  • Supporting Services
  • Messaging Exchange, Opensource & Lotus
  • File & Print inclusive of data cleaning
  • VMWare
  • Desktop virtualization and Migration


  • Customized, modular development
  • Global Delivery Model
  • Tight integration and low resource usage

CSS Corp is now Movate

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