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Duty Manager – Escalation Management

Role: Duty Manager
Location: Chennai, Ambit
Experience: 10 + yrs
No of Positions: 4


Escalation Management deals with Incident/Problem management systems for Enterprise customers in IT infrastructure. It is managed by a set of people who carries out the entire documented process for Escalation Management. This requires one to associate their work with Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) who works together with the Escalation Resources & Accounts/Sales Team.

The escalation management team deals with structuring and bringing in the management’s attention to a major incident or a problem, which has escalated beyond its limits. They work in a team and their main responsibility is to provide assistance to the TAC Engineer by prioritizing and reassigning resources during Critical Business Impacting Incidents.

They analyze the current scenario of a customer, locate, and highlight certain issues which require an immediate response, and allows the organization to track that critical problem, monitor it appropriately, and manage the escalating situation.


The key responsibilities:

  • Identifying, analyzing, and initiating the escalation process for TAC based on the escalation request.
  • Define and execute tactical and strategic plans towards de-escalating the situation involving appropriate stakeholders
  • Work with Customer, TAC, Sales/Accounts Team and Engineering / Product Management teams to understand reported escalation and jointly develop a solution that is agreeable for the customer.
  • Serve as leaders and point of contact for escalated contact resolution for complex problems
  • Coordinating with the customers for developing an escalation management plan as per their requirements, adding additional resources for the escalation process if required, and developing a detailed technical plan accordingly.
  • Updating and maintaining escalation process records at each stage, updating the same in management data, and reviewing and adjusting the escalation process accordingly
  • Periodic updates to the Stakeholders about the escalation, reviewing the root cause of escalation, and maintaining compliance as per the defined SLA based on the Support Contract
  • Assuring the team’s availability 24×7 with proper handover before closing the escalation successfully, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Ownership of assigned Time zone to ensure Escalations are kept under check.
  • TAC Case/Backlog Management to ensure timely case progress/resolution ensuring customer satisfaction.

The main responsibility of a Duty/Escalation Manager is to bring order, structure, and focused management attention to the customer’s problems in order to gain complete consumer satisfaction. The need for creating an escalation process is triggered by the organization when the customer complains about the urgency of resolution or when the organization perceives the loss of the consumer base due to emergency situations.


Required Skills and Expertise Knowledge
The educational qualification requirement is not the basic criteria for obtaining a post in escalation management, though one has to be a minimum graduate in any relevant field for applying for this post.

Escalation management is based on task accomplishment in a critical business impacting the situation, hence one has to show competitive skills for carrying out the task effectively within the scheduled time. Consumer Satisfaction is the key element of an escalation management program, hence one has to carry out all the tasks assigned effectively.


The key skill requirements for escalation management are mentioned below:

  • Analyze and Evaluate the Incident
  • Problem/Incident Solving Ability
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • End to End Customer Co-Ordination & Ownership
  • Meeting service level agreements
  • Collaboration across key Stakeholders/Product Groups/Teams.
  • Data Analytical Skills
    • Presentation & Reporting Skills (MS Excel & PowerPoint Etc)
  • Technical Skills – Networking Concepts, Wired & Wireless (Added Advantage)

Apart from this, one also has to demonstrate certain skills which are gained by experiences.


Organizations prefer an experienced manager who is:

  • Capable of handling Enterprise Customer Escalation/Account Management.
  • Has a proven track record in escalation management with defined operational procedures for increasing the efficiency of task accomplishment.
  • Willingness to work across Time zones/Shifts based on the business requirements.
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