Freelance Recruiter

Job Title: Freelance Recruiter
Work Location: Remote Work
Experience: 2+ years of recruitment experience required
No of Positions: 30+



  • You will be CSS Corp’s ambassador and the first handshake with a potential new employee. Carry yourself with dignity, impartiality, and decisiveness.
  • Effective communication – you will be working with the TA team, and we expect clear and concise communication over phone/email as and when needed.
  • Be professional – While you make your working hours, we expect you to be present and on time for the occasional scheduled meeting.
  • Respect a candidate’s time – keep candidates appraised as and when necessary.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Source profiles for open positions through your network, word of mouth, and job portals – roles include a wide range of experience and diverse technical skillsets.
  • Screen candidates sourced to ensure suitability – connect with candidates and check for suitability based on compensation, location, and technical attributes.
  • Schedule interviews for screened candidates – coordinate with POCs from recruitment teams across multiple BUs.
  • Engage with each candidate throughout their lifecycle – keep candidates warm throughout the recruitment process.
  • Compensation negotiation – ensure candidates fall within company compensation budgets.
  • Precise reporting of each candidate’s status to the CoE – TA team on time.

Required Skills:

  • 2+ years of recruiting experience
  • IT recruitment experience preferred
  • Excellent communication in English
  • Working proficiency with MS Excel
  • Ability to work independently without supervision
  • Experience in overseas sourcing is an additional advantage


  • Women on a career break (with prior HR / Recruitment experience) can also apply
  • Commission-based pay for each role that’s filled out
  • Additional incentives for filling Niche and super niche roles
  • You should have your own PC / laptop with good internet connection

CSS Corp is now Movate

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