The client is an international telecommunication service provider offering wireless, and other assorted services to consumers, businesses, and other providers.

Taking over tier-one support from the client, Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) has been able to deliver 24x7 first response and resolution, making space for tier-two support groups to handle critical issues effectively.

Building a firm ground of L1 Technical Support is key to any service organization, its importance being two-fold: A good L1 level support helps save on service delivery costs and time, while also liberating level two support groups to handle more critical issues. From our experience of having worked with multinational telecommunications companies before, Movate is in the perfect position to help the client in their endeavor to streamline their support process.

Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) delivers exceptional L1 level support to around 32 keynote sales flows and 900+ servers across three data centers from two locations, saving costs and adhering to SLAs consistently.


Before the engagement, the client's e-commerce operations were fully managed by tier-two support groups starting from monitoring, handling, and investigating basic 1:1 issues to critical business impacting ones. This drained a lot of their time and resources, making it difficult to focus on critical or complex site outages and site performance issues.

Moreover, the same team also handled events/issues during off-hours, increasing their workload substantially. The client was in search of a partner who could take the tier-one support without any negative impact on business, in a reasonable time.


To deliver uninterrupted 24x7 support and avoid a single point of failure, Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) formed two tier-one support teams, one each in Chennai and Utah. The teams were qualified and experienced in Linux, Solaris, and Scripting and able to provide quality support to the client's e-commerce operations.

24x7 support and triage

Providing 24x7 availability and performance monitoring of network devices, servers, systems, databases, middleware. application services, and customized applications.

Front-end maintenance 

Delivering front-end support through the keynote application; its measurement parameters include site performance, uptime, web page hit counts, and application services.

Back-end support 

Monitoring of server systems that support the Web hosting by Nagios (open source) and Sites cope (an HP product): its performance is measured in terms of server availability, content availability, etc.

Content management 

By segregating content as web hosting content and business intelligence content and saving them in associated databases and the warehouse respectively, the analytical team is able to access relevant data as needed to perform reporting that aids high-level decision making.

L1 Support and off-hours coverage 

Enhance overall productivity of tier-two support groups by securing L1 Support events/issues, recurring time-consuming tasks, preliminary investigation of events, and off-hours coverage.

Reducing false alarms 

Reduce false alarms reaching tier-two support by conducting thorough initial investigations


Business Objective Achieved

This project successfully achieved the client's foremost objective to minimize the workload of tier-two engineers.

SLA Delivery

More than 95 percent of L1 Support issues/events have been resolved. Eliminated negative impact: Issues were investigated and notified to onsite engineers before services were negatively impacted which helped to reduce downtime of services.

Cost and Time Savings

This project lowered IT operational costs for the client and improved the team’s operational efficiency Saving time for tier-two engineers to focus on other critical business-impacting issues increased profitability.

Competitive Differentiator

Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) Tier-one support has gained a comprehensive understanding of the customer requirements and is able to support around 32 keynote sales flows, 900+ servers across three data centers within defined 'Initial Response' SLA of five minutes and 'Final Response' SLA of 30 minutes.

CSS Corp is now Movate

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