CSS Corp recognized by CIOReview as one among the top 20 most promising AWS Solution Providers in 2016

With two decades’ worth of knowledge in building and leading large IT services business across all service lines, Nishikant Nigam, EVP and Chief Delivery Officer, CSS Corp, acknowledges that cloud technologies impact every aspect of a business. From being a mere buzzword, cloud has become a proven computing model with long term business benefits. As an early adopter of cloud and with the capability of building intelligent cloud tools, CSS Corp stays ahead of the technology curve. However, Nigam stresses that many organizations are struggling with hybrid cloud adoption, which fundamentally changes the IT landscape, requiring reengineering of enterprise IT architecture and integration with enterprise data centers. “Another concern that CIOs face is the long timeline for workload migration. The industry needs a solution that accelerates workload migration while decreasing cost and downtime, and enhancing the customer experience,” adds Nigam.

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CSS Corp is now Movate

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