CSS Corp wins Gold Stevie® & Silver Stevie® at 2018 International Business Awards®

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, today announced that it has won a Gold Stevie® and a Silver Stevie® at 2018 International Business Awards.

CSS Corp has been awarded two Stevie Awards in the best new product or service of the year category, for its novel adoption of cognitive technologies and deep analytics in IT Service Management and Big Data solutions. The awards will be presented on 20th October at the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel in London, England.

CSS Corp’s ‘Contelli’ and ‘Active Insights’ platforms were recognized for their industry-leading innovation and customer value proposition. The AI-based ‘Contelli’ platform uses context-driven intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for holistic IT operations and service management. The ‘Active Insights’ platform is a cloud-based analytics powerhouse that goes beyond traditional analytical models and drives intelligence along the customer lifecycle management.

Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp said, “Ensuring customer centricity through innovation will be a crucial barometer on which most organizations will be measured. At CSS Corp, we obsessively pursue customer centricity. Our passionate focus on pragmatic innovation and service delivery excellence has helped us foster meaningful engagements with our customers and deliver critical business outcomes.”

“We are delighted to be recognized by Stevie, yet again, which is a great testament to our trusted customer relationships and sustainable business value that we drive in our engagements,” he further added.

Sunil Mittal, EVP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer said, “We are honored yet again to bag the Stevie Awards. The recognition is emblematic of our robust digital services portfolio with razor-sharp focus in helping our customers handle disruptions effectively. Being a disruptor in the services industry, we are endeavoring to break the stereotypes through focused adoption of new age business models in customer engagements.”

The 2018 International Business Awards® received over 3,900 nominations from 74 nations and from organizations of all sizes and from across a gamut of industries in a wide range of categories. The Stevie Award winners were determined by the average scores of more than 270 executives worldwide who participated on 12 juries.

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Parks Associates: More Than 50% of Consumers Who Set Up Smart Home Devices Themselves Report Setup Problems

Parks Associates research finds most smart home owners set up their devices on their own and more than 50% of these consumers report setup problems. These issues have not translated into greater adoption of tech support services—one-fifth of U.S. broadband households have a subscription. The research firm will examine opportunities to improve tech support services using cognitive and intelligent technologies and automation in the webcast “Cognitive Support Solutions: Delivering the Best Connected Experience”on Tuesday, November 1311 a.m. CT.

The webcast, sponsored by CSS Corp, presents strategies for tech support providers to automate support processes while still delivering personalized and valuable user experiences.

“In today’s connected household, support services must expand to offer comprehensive protection for the whole home network, with knowledge of all connected devices, their capabilities, and how they interact with each other,” said Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates. “This service creates multiple support challenges, so cost control is another obstacle. AI and other adaptive tech innovations can help companies develop a service that is cost-effective yet still deliver positive user experiences.”

“The power of information and choice that today’s consumers enjoy make them more aware and in control of what they want than ever before,” said Sid Victor, Vice President & Head of Customer eXperience Services, CSS Corp. “This paradigm shift has made customer experience (CX) the new differentiator as empowered customers are calling the shots. At CSS Corp, we’ve taken an experience-first approach to orchestrating our customers’ digital journeys. Our unique point-of-view from being the perfect intersection of a customer experience practitioner and digital Services provider gives us an unprecedented edge in crafting the ideal digital journey for our customers. CSS Corp’s offers modular, context-aware, and outcome-based cognitive automation models to create hyper-personalized customer experiences.”

During the webcast, Samuels and Victor will share insights on:

  • Consumer expectations for support
  • Automation built on intelligent devices that deliver personalized connected experiences to consumers
  • The impact of support on customer experience and actions
  • Outcome-based automation services and their impact on business outcomes

“Connected devices are taking a more central role in a variety of contexts,” Samuels said. “Use cases extend from entertainment to health and home security, and automated solutions with the proper intelligence can deliver convenience and personalization to the consumer through multiple support scenarios.”

For more information and to register for the webcast, visit https://www.parksassociates.com/cognitive-nov2018. To speak with an analyst about this research, contact Julia Homier at julia.homier@parksassociates.com, 972-996-0214.

About Parks Associates

Parks Associates is an internationally recognized market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services. Founded in 1986, Parks Associates creates research capital for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small start-ups through market reports, primary studies, consumer research, custom research, workshops, executive conferences, and annual service subscriptions. https://www.parksassociates.com

About CSS Corp

CSS Corp is a new age IT Services and technology support company that harnesses the power of AI, automation, analytics, cloud and digital to address customer needs. The company partners with leading enterprises to help realize their strategic business outcomes. Its team of 5,600 technology professionals across 16 global locations are passionate about helping customers differentiate and succeed. For more information please visit www.csscorp.com.

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‘Single-biggest’ quarter for CSS sees 13% Growth

CSS Corp, which is majority-owned by private equity company Partners Group, said it had its biggest ever third-quarter revenue growth of 13% as it focuses on newer technologies and newer offerings and is building its business for stronger growth in 2018.

The Bengaluru-headquartered company, which has over $150 million in revenue, was targeting 15% growth this year. Manish Tandon, former Infosys executive vice-president, has been at the helm for over a year and says the company has been successful in the past year, but still has some way to go.

If you are just focusing on the CIO buying centre, then it is a small opportunity,” Tandon, CSS CEO, told ET. “You need to focus on the business side, but then, you need a different set of capabilities. That is what we are trying to build and we have been reasonably successful for the past four quarters. We just finished quarter three. It was the single-biggest quarter in the history of CSS Corp. The sequential growth number is something people will die for, 13%, though there were some one-time impacts.

The company is also expecting a better operating environment in 2018 and is building out its business to capitalise on the improvements.

We are on a good growth momentum and I am very bullish about what we are doing. We have put a great team in place. We are also adding to the team in HR, sales and solutions. Going into next year, I am very bullish,” Tandon said.

Over the past year-and-a-half, since Tandon took over, CSS has been investing in growing its offering. In addition to Tandon, the company hired other high-ranking Infosys executives and has beefed up its sales and solutions teams.CSS has over 5,500 employees globally and Tandon has previously said the company is open to an initial public offering or a sale to strategic buyers as a way to provide and exit to its PE investors.

Tandon said CSS had spent the last year learning, refining strategy and paring its offerings to focus on the few that showed the most potential.

Unlike the CEOs of his larger rivals, Tandon does not believe that a generic push to automation will help the industry deal with the disruption that has begun to hit the companies.

If you think that someone can build a product that can bring AI and automation to everything out there, then you are missing the point and that is what some of the legacy companies are trying to do,” he said.

I don’t even talk about automation, AI and all those terms. I tell my customers that today, you are running this cost centre and paying me $2 million. Here is a way in which you can earn $3 million. CEOs don’t care if you are using artificial intelligence (AI), automation or nails and hammer. It doesn’t matter.


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CSS Corp wins Golden Globe Tigers Award 2018

CSS Corp, an IT services and technology support company, announced today that it received the 2018 Golden Globe Tigers Award in the Business Innovation category. The results were declared at Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre in Malaysia. CSS Corp was recognized for its novel adoption of AI in customer support operations through its digital customer engagement platform, Cognitive Customer Experience Platform.

CSS Corp’s digital platforms help simplify complex business processes and streamline customer life cycle management. The platforms provide omnichannel customer experiences and enable new revenue opportunities for organizations. In a customer support ecosystem, CSS Corp’s digital customer engagement framework provides a convenient digital engagement channel, uses AI and analytics to identify the best course of action, and guides customers and engineers through specific resolutions.

Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Being a customer-obsessed organization, we realize that deep understanding of the customer’s intent and the problem is key to providing a better experience. CSS Corp is deeply invested in digital and we are honored to be recognized for our innovation in delivering stellar customer experiences.”

“CSS Corp reaffirms its commitment to using emerging technologies to create high-quality, personalized customer experiences. We continue to make significant investments in Cognitive Customer Experience Platform industry-specific solutions in telecom, media, technology, retail, and CPG industries. It has been very well-received by our clients, industry analysts, and thought leaders as a way to drive growth, agility, and enterprise transformation. It is indeed a proud moment for all of us to receive this award,” said Sunil Mittal, EVP, and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.


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Digital culture: The digital transformation success factor

Digital megatrends such as mobility, social media, analytics, and cloud computing are re-defining businesses worldwide. These trends are also having its impact in the way employees and people leaders interact, work, and collaborate. Mobility and cloud computing are enabling remote access of talent pools and expertise across geographies, analytics is enabling deeper insights into employee performances and behaviors, and social media can drive collaboration between employees by strengthening the employer brand. These advancements are disruptive and senior HR leadership must recognize digital culture as the key enabler in an organization’s digitization initiatives. Though a strong digital strategy is essential, a digital culture is equally needed to successfully execute the strategy. A Mckinsey study reveals culture as the significant barrier to digital effectiveness. 9 out of 10 digital transformations do not meet the business needs, says a Couchbase survey. By ignoring culture, organizations can heighten the risk of failure in digital transformation.

Enabling a digital culture
Creating a digital culture is a task in itself. Organizations should blend executive and employee level change management approaches to engage and inspire the entire workforce while empowering them to drive the cultural change together. When blending these approaches, it is recommended to have a transformation framework to monitor the progress through a clear vision with active leadership participation. The framework should make employees as the agents of change and empower them to drive the digital culture. The empowerment can happen by re-skilling them on trending digital skills, leverage collaboration tools to improve productivity, have metrics to enable measurable value through KPI’s and adopt a systems thinking approach to drive change more effectively. By making this framework operational, organizations can enable innovation, faster decision making, improve business readiness, and facilitate behavioral changes in employees. These steps can help in the evolution of a creative, collaborative, autonomous ecosystem which can be an attractive destination for quality talents. A digital culture can lead to a high-performance working environment enabling productivity and fostering better business strategy alignment between teams.

Drive employee centricity
Digitizing the culture can make employees more aligned to a customer’s journey; this can enable customer-centric engagements and in creating better solutions relevant to their business needs. It can bring in a work culture which empowers employees to make informed, context-aware decisions, focus on continuous improvement and take calculated risks. Heightened collaboration and increased speed in decision making in a digital environment promotes research through continuous iteration of innovative ideas, while building transparency and interaction across various levels of the hierarchy. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and IBM are able to disrupt the technology world through their widely acclaimed digitized cultures which are conducive to innovation and driving thought leadership. Telekom Malaysia Berhad drives an internal event, called Digital Day to communicate the importance of digitization. During this event R&D and digital experts share their knowledge on digital culture and its relevance.


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Re-Inventing The B2C Marketing Landscape With Human-AI Partnerships

Marketing is approaching the point of singularity with innovation triggers like AI transforming it into a tech-driven function. Gartner’s Laura McLellan in her seminal blog predicted that CMOs would be spending more on technology than CIOs by 2017. A recent blog says that tech spend in marketing equals that of CIO’s budget for IT.

The phenomenon of data overload needs higher number-crunching capabilities. AI has the ability to read through terabytes of data, understand un-structured information and analytics modeling to monitor market dynamics in real time. Thanks to AI, marketers can go back to doing what they do best – create powerful ideas that can energize the brand and market.

AI in the driver seat

There has been no dearth of data in marketing, but it existed in siloes preventing marketers to access a single version of truth. Large majority of these tools and platforms crunch numbers in isolation and do not provide a holistic view of the entire market. AI can be instrumental in unifying data driven decision making by integrating platforms, tools, applications, and datasets. This can be a game changer for marketers with unlimited avenues for reach, conversion, and engagement.

55% of CMOs expect AI to have a bigger impact on marketing than social media. Global entertainment giants like Disney are tapping the AI frontier by training artificial neural networks that mimic human brains to understand the story lines that may appeal to their audience. Disney’s decision to move away from mainstream characters to feature counterculture leads were based on their information gleaned from their digital data sets. Recently, according to another blog, Nike’s gamble to feature anthem-kneeling NFL player Colin Kaepernick paid off with online sales surging by 31% in a week. This executive decision was based on sound principles of market data, crunched through Nike’s AI platform that showed its intended audience’s sympathy for social justice causes like BLM.

Marketers are already excited by the emerging AI applications in conversational intelligence, haptics, holographic imagery, and semantic research. Artificial Intelligence is already making its presence felt through machine learning, natural language processing, applied propensity models, and predictive customer service sets.

AI for maximizing your reach

AI generated content and smart content curation capabilities are democratizing digital content access. Writing programs like “Wordsmith” can generate SEO-rich, targeted content that can get maximize conversions. Wordsmith produced over a billion pieces of content in 2017 alone and has been extensively used by retail, e-commerce, financial services, media, and allied industries to achieve scale and reach for their marketing efforts as mentioned by another leading magazine.

Business content may or may not be written by a robot, but smart content curation is heavily dependent on AI.  The popular Netflix recommendation system uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to understand the customer’s innate and expressed needs. So, Netflix customers find value in trusting the recommendation engine to lead them to show they really want to watch.  Similarly, Tinder, the world’s trusted matchmaker is employing AI for its “Super Like” and “Top Picks” feature. Of course, it kept the swiping customer closer to their soul mates but also has added over 3 million singles to the dating app till date as revealed by TechCrunch.

Facilitating action – Chatbots, Robo-advisories

AI has a big role in customer management. New age propensity models can map the customer buying journey and personalize the content. Predictive analytics underpinned by AI, understands dissonance and reaches out with more personalized engagements. The best examples are the dynamic emails triggered by analyzing customer digital behaviours. The customer is always presented with email content that is specifically curated to reflect his/her buying journey.

Conversational intelligence is another area that AI is making the biggest wave. Voice is not just an interface, but a personification of devices which is then mirrored on the brand. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and the most recent Google Duplex are capable of carrying out almost seamless conversations. Conversational intelligence is extensively used in the BFSI sector to help customers navigate the loan management, insurance premium payments, or wealth advisories. With sophisticated algorithms, these Robo-advisors are able to provide the best price for loans, insurance premium calculation, or settle your tax returns.  Voice assistants are a mainstay for fashion brands like Levis or hospitality providers like Hilton. These ubiquitous assistants’ help customers find the right jeans, book a getaway, or even personalize the perfume.

Future proofing with AI

AI is slowly but surely emerging as a natural ally for the CMO. Over 85% of customer interactions in 2020 will be powered by Chatbots and Robo-assistants helping customers to understand, engage, buy and invest. Next frontiers are tactile-rich-haptic AI which would bring in multi-sensory interactions to fruition. For the CMO this is a data goldmine where in human creativity partnering with AI-assisted delivery can create unique and personalized experiences for customers. As we go along, we will see greater democratization and adoption of AI-based solutions in the marketing function’s day to day activities.

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Revealed: The Secret Behind CSS Corp’s Turnaround

While other infotech behemoths are ruing about the adverse market conditions, CSS Corp is thriving on this adversity and quietly scripting a turnaround

These are nervous times we live in. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for the $154-billion IT industry. And when things go wrong for the IT sector, which has been one of the largest organized job creators, it doesn’t take long for the workforce at large to come under pressure.

A weak growth outlook with IT firms trimming their revenue growth forecasts, stagnant employment growth, tighter performance parameters, massive layoffs, and a dented workforce confidence- the signs are ominous.

The turmoil in the industry began with the tectonic shifts being dictated by the emergence of new age technologies, change in the patterns of technology consumption and adoption, customers’ need for going digital and the growing clamor for automating business processes. And the geopolitical scenario in the US resulting in a clampdown on H1B visas is only adding to the industry woes.

On the Rebound

Happy news about the IT industry isn’t easy to come by these days. The news reports, for the most part, convey the chilling reality of the floundering industry.

But there are a precious few who thrive on adversity. A new age IT services and technology support company CSS Corp is a case in point. Undeterred by the wobbles in the larger IT industry growth story, the Milpitas headquartered CSS Corp is going forward with a confident, unhesitating tread.

There was a time, not too long ago, when CSS Corp was posting a flat growth in its revenue. But sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right. The technology company exemplifies this idea better than any of other feisty stalwarts of the IT industry in India. CSS Corp has come a long way since those days of sluggish revenue growth.

After several years of flat revenues, the IT services firm is seeing its revenues rebound. After 2-3 years of flat revenues until FY17, CSS Corp has been observing steady sequential growth since the past three quarters. It closed FY17 with a revenue of $143Mn. And with this pace, the IT services firm is targeting 12-14% growth year on year in FY18.

Information and Communications Technology company CSS Corp is a $150-million technology company owned by Swiss PE firm Partners Group, which is 2013, acquired a majority stake in CSS in a $270-million transaction, and now owns 92 percent stake.

Headquartered in the United States, CSS Corp has delivery centers in India, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Poland, and Mauritius. In India, the company is based out of Chennai and Bangalore and has a head-count of 5600 technology professionals in 16 of its global centers across the world. CSS Corp has service delivery centers at 13 locations worldwide, including India, the US, the Philippines, Poland, Mauritius, Costa Rica, and China. It recently expanded its workforce by opening new delivery centers in Costa Rica and Bangalore. The technology firm has over 140 clients, including Fortune 1000 enterprises. It is responsible for supporting 30 out of 50 telecom companies in the world

On Course for Comeback

Quite like the Phoenix, CSS Corp is rising from its own ashes. The technology firm is adapting to the altering dynamics in the industry. To ensure that it is aligned with its customer needs, business priorities, and the overall industry evolution, CSS Corp has chalked out a growth strategy.

English mathematician, computer scientist, and logician Alan Turing once said: We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done. CSS Corp has adopted it as its growth mantra.

Keeping a finger on the customer’s pulse, watching the market, shaping its future course and consolidating its position in the market. CSS Corp is doing all of that—and more.

For CSS Corp the turnaround in revenue momentum can be attributed to its laser-focused approach towards managing customer engagements through new age technologies and drive service delivery excellence through Innovation Labs. This approach has resonated well with its customers.

Digital is the new fuel of enterprises. Our vision is to be a new age services company,” proclaims Nishikant Nigam, EVP and Chief Delivery Officer at CSS Corp.

In pursuit of this challenging target, CSS Corp created its Innovation Labs, around four quarters back. It is a 70 member team with expertise in various technologies like TensorFlow, BigData, BigTable, Hadoop. Across the teams, you will find UX Designers, Cloud & Automation Specialists, Extreme Programmers, BigData Engineers, AI & NLP Experts, Data Scientists and as well as professionals from diverse fields like linguists, behavioral researchers, and domain specialists.

The Innovation Lab is not merely a physical entity, it is a concept which permeates across the organization. In some sense, it drives the new cultural identity of CSS Corp. Our vision is to be a new age services company and Innovation Labs is an integral part of that journey. We expect to double the capacity in the next 12 months,” states Nigam.

CSS Corp provides a range of services, including cloud, technical support and remote infrastructure It provides technical support for enterprise and consumer products, managing IT infrastructure and deploying networks.

The company is building intellectual capability in three areas such as automation of support, providing hybrid infrastructure managed services and applying analytics primarily to customer support data.

In this day and age, small means agile and that makes it easier to win. So in some sense being small helped CSS Corp be nimble in responding to its customer needs. “We operate in three distinct areas- Digital services, Cloud infrastructure services, and Technology support. These are our three main services. Each of these services is in some form or shape getting enhanced by all the new age technologies,” says Nigam.

New innings

Things appear to be straightening out dramatically for the midsized IT company. With a sincerity of purpose to continue on the growth path, CSS Corp is stepping on the pedal with some ambitious plans. The five-point agenda involves creating a flexible and nimble customer engagement model, putting in place a Digital Career Progression Framework called “Reimagine” aimed at up-skilling and cross-skilling employees in new age digital technologies, investing in Innovation Labs and new age services/IPs, forging a strong technology partnership ecosystem, and relentlessly working towards increasing the acceptance for its offerings amongst customers, advisors and industry analysts.

Acting upon this agenda with great vigor, CSS Corp is stepping on the pedal with some ambitious plans. It has dug into several business problems of its customers to figure out the solutions.

It launched a context-driven IT operations platform Contelli in December 2016. Today the company is processing more than 36 million events through this platform and 85% of those events are being processed automatically. “So, essentially, we have taken the events that are emanating from Cloud, from the virtual infrastructure, from the enterprise data center, etc. We have analyzed how these events are correlated and then we automate them so that the involvement of engineers in resolving these mundane events is reduced to a minimum and they can focus on actionable events,” shares Rahul Joshi, Head of Innovation Labs & VP at CSS Corp.

We have been able to eliminate 85% of the events and it’s an ongoing process. We hope to do much better over the next two quarters while our analytics engine learns more from the data. It is typically used for everything which expands across your Cloud and the enterprise datacenters and a combination of both. So it is for public cloud, private cloud and for the hybrid cloud and that is the platform we have built for automation of our infrastructure operations and it is being used for 85-90% of our events,” he adds.

As a new age IT services firm, CSS Corp wants to help its customers get along with digital transformation. The result is a furious push into services focused towards digitalization and automation.

Chinese American computer scientist Andrew Ng, popularly known as the chief scientist of Baidu hit the nail on the head when he said that AI is the new electricity. It sure is. AI leads enterprises to newer business opportunities and growth avenues. Not one to be left behind, CSS Corp is banking heavily on AI-based offerings to rekindle its revenue growth.

One of the most recent creations of its Innovation Labs is a customer interface platform called Cognitive Customer Experience Platform which works as a virtual assistant platform enabling voice and text interactions for customer service. Cognitive Customer Experience Platform is a highly personalized virtual assistant, which integrates with all customer channels like voice, email, chat, and website across devices, and offers context-driven, real-time support with a human-like interaction to resolve customers’ needs.

What we have done with Cognitive Customer Experience Platform is not just omnichannel experience. We have also integrated it and made it enterprise-ready with leading CRM and ITSM providers. Right from knowledge acquisition which happens through deep learning algorithms to the resolution of customer issues real time on all the channels, we have been able to achieve this with Cognitive Customer Experience Platform over the past six months,” he explains.

Its AI platform Cognitive Customer Experience Platform won the Silver Stevie in 2017 International Business Awards where it was recognized as the best software platform.

Back with a Bang

Such innovations are a good start. To make them the rule rather than the exception, CSS Corp must carefully tailor its systems to solve specific business problems its customers now face. That’s easier said than done. The new management that took the reins of the company in September 2016 institutionalized the Innovation Lab for this very purpose. It has now become a hotbed of innovation permeating within the organization and enhancing the employee productivity by upskilling them.

At CSS Corp, AI and Analytics are at the heart of our business strategy. We are trying to break the stereotypes in services industry through adoption of new age digital technologies that are complementary in nature. Our customer analytics services act as a catalyst for growth by enabling companies across industries to transform from traditional business models to new age service models and helps them identify new revenue streams,” said Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp in a published media interview.

CSS Corp’s indigenous customer analytics platform, “Active Insights“, is an end-to-end solution with extensive data ingestion, analytics, and reporting capabilities. The platform is powered by AI capabilities and advanced statistical models that drive customer lifecycle management to understand customers’ intent, issues and proactively hit the target with the right recommendations and remediation.

Customers give us their data sets and we give them insights on those data sets and leverage technologies like ’Deep Neural Networks, Machine learning’ and so on and so forth. We analyze and predict data in real-time, high velocity, low latency and batch processing modes. Active Insights offers intelligent insights about customer sentiments, buying behaviors and satisfaction scores that drive business success.We have done this with numerous customers and had partnerships with many organizations that provide this kind of information which can be construed as Metadata information. We have tied up with a leading provider of information technology in both Europe and US. We have also tied up with healthcare companies who provide this information to improve the quality of healthcare that can be provided to the patients,” states Joshi.

At the top of its game

Most of CSS Corp’s recent solutions have been incubated in their in-house labs. They are investing heavily in building pointed and niche solutions to simplify client’s complex technology ecosystems. Their investments in the cloud are enabling enterprises to adopt the right cloud strategy and allow them to seamlessly migrate data into the cloud with minimal manual intervention.

Yet another product developed indigenously by CSS Corp’s Innovation Labs is CloudMAP which acts as an entry point for clients to access new age capabilities of the organization. CSS Corp’s key cloud solutions are CloudMAP which provides Automated Cloud Migration Assessment and Planning for a specific business process or enterprise workload. It reduces migration planning time by at least 40%, CloudPATH offers simplified, industrialized and predictable method of migrating enterprise workload through refactoring, re-platforming and live workload migration. CloudPATH improves the success rate of migration by 30-60% Another offering CloudDRIVE creates operational readiness from day one in the cloud using CSS Corp’s NextGen Predictive Operations and Automation Platform for continuous optimization. It saves cloud spend by 20-25%.

We were recognized by Forrester for our capabilities in the Cloud Migration segment. CSS Corp provides a powerful combination of automation platform and frameworks for the success of digital and cloud transformation initiatives our customers,” proclaims Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp.

With a well thought out business strategy, the company is positive that it can weather the storm better than expected. The technology company is seeing a significant increase in business from existing and new customers. It has added 20 new logos in the last 12 months. Now that it is well on its way to revival, CSS Corp is targeting 12-14% growth year on year in FY18.

It’s not for nothing that adversity is called the diamond dust with which success polishes its jewels. CSS Corp has well and truly made the most of adverse circumstances to shift its focus towards revenue-generating opportunities, draw up a sustainable growth strategy and leap forward with innovative solutions.


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Leader’s talk: Manish Tandon, CEO, CSS Corp

“ Leadership is not wielding authority- it is empowering people ”, Beeky Brodin.

Leadership is not only about holding a prime position, it’s much more than that. A leader is someone who has a vision and a passion to make things happen. TimesJobs brings to you exclusive interviews of industry maestros’ whose journey and experience are incredible and influencing. Read on, to know about their journey and their advice for young, upcoming leaders…

Here we have an account from Manish Tandon, CEO, CSS Corp

With which job role/ position did you start your career?
After completing my engineering, I joined the technology subsidiary of a bank. After 2 years of working there and saving some money to pay for higher education, I did my MBA. Right after completing my post-graduation, I joined one of the top financial institutions in the country managing projects in debt and funding. Although I enjoyed learning new things there, I moved into my first love (Technology) by joining the IT Services industry and found my passion there.

When did you join your present organisation?
It’s been 15 months since the time my journey began at CSS Corp – and no two have been the same!

What kind of leadership style do you follow in your organisation?
I follow the transformational style of leadership. Also, I follow the ‘Leadership by Example’ paradigm, as I believe that you cannot lead a professional services organisation without this trait. Identifying changes and creating a vision is really what drives me

How are you contributing to the growth of your employees?
I’ve always said that I am here to build careers, not just create jobs, and that means employee growth is a very critical area. We foster a culture of learning and growth in a lot of ways, big and small, but one way I am very proud of is the learning opportunities. I am a big proponent of constant learning. The industry is evolving so rapidly that we can’t rely on the market to have the talent we need – we must build it from within.

Name one person who had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?
I really admire N. R. Narayana Murthy as a leader. He has such a strong vision, driving tremendous growth and change. He shaped not just a company but an industry and a country.

Share that one critical decision that you made as the leader of your organisation?
Joining CSS Corp, I saw a lot of strong capabilities, but they were somewhat siloed. The company needed a unifying vision – a strategy that would bring everyone together. After carefully looking internally at our capabilities and externally at where the markets are going, we developed a plan to transition the company from a pure services organisation to a new age services organisation. We have been executing against that transformation very successfully, creating platforms and ecosystems for a new digital world. Nearly every one of our services has benefitted for an influx of artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation.

When faced with two equally-qualified candidates, how do you determine whom to hire?
I would choose the candidate that was most likely to question things and challenge the people around them. With the speed of our growth, we need people that can evaluate where we are and where we are going.

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?
Adaptability. We live and work in a dynamic world, and leaders must be able to quickly adapt not only their companies but themselves to all types of changes.

What is one lasting impact that you hope to leave on your present company?
My mantra is to build a brand that imbibes and promotes the idea of “customer obsession” by making sure the customer is at the epicenter of every decision. I am building a workforce that is passionate about customer success. The commitment is strong today and just getting better every day.

What are you doing to grow and develop as a leader continuously?
I continue to adapt and learn new skills – I make it a point to learn something new every week. I read extensively and also take technology courses online to keep abreast of a rapidly changing landscape. In fact, I wanted to teach my 10-year-old son some computer programming and the languages I knew were not suitable for him so I actually learned Python so that I could teach him.

What advice would you give to the new-age leaders?
I would advise new-age leaders to constantly invest in themselves and in those around them. Investing in themselves requires a commitment to continual learning and personal development. Investing in others means building a sustainable environment of trusted stakeholders

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Addressing cybersecurity concerns: the CFO intervention

 Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for organizations in today’s digital world, and with rapid advancements through technology disruptions sweeping industry sectors, CFOs are gearing up for the changes and demands ahead of them.The CFO to the fore

Traditionally, the CFO’s role also included being a Chief Risk Officer, foreseeing and mitigating organization risks – legal, contractual, financial and regulatory. With the growing number of smart devices, increasing number of phishing, ransom-ware and malware attacks, there is also an emerging need for the CFO to be savvy about cybersecurity and to include cyber threats also in their risk strategy.

Leadership collaboration – the need of the hour

The CFO with a broader collaborative mindset can, therefore, create a C-suite value ecosystem to amalgamate various insights and drive a tight linkage between resource allocation and strategy, encourage seamless communications among leaders, integrate corporate strategy and budgeting processes with capital allocation processes, including M&A and divestments.

This collaboration across leadership function is also illustrative of the fact that a broader set of objectives are required to address cybersecurity concerns:

  • Onboard all key decision makers especially the CIO: This is critical to include cybersecurity frameworks across high-risk processes by involving all key stakeholders and the board to identify key areas of protection and mobilize resources to react quickly to any intrusions. There is a growing need for an effective synergy between the CFO and the CIO functions to protect shareholder value. This relationship is critical due to the convergence of technology, and security risks.
  • Strategize to fix threats: Recognizing key activities having high exposures to threat vectors, building awareness among stakeholders on their responsibilities and protecting their assets. CFOs can provide valuable insights on the financial losses that might incur during a breach. This data can be used to factor in losses such as cost to reputation, stock price impact, damage control costs, and lawsuit charges. CFOs can then use insurance as a mitigating strategy against such losses. Hence awareness of newer insurance products addressing cyber risks is a must for CFOs. These insurance products provide a wide array of protection against cyber risks, including but not limited to costs incurred post cybersecurity/ privacy threats and loss of income post a security threat due to disruption in business.
  • Prepare, and stay ahead: Adopting a digitized IT function and information model (encompassing strategy, architecture, and processes) to stay updated and take steps to counter the ever-increasing complexities of cyber-attacks. For e.g., a modern IT organization should have vulnerability assessments and penetration testing as a part and parcel of financial budgets.


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CSS Corp’s customer ALE wins certified support Staff Excellence Center Award 2018

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology-support company, today announced that its customer ALE International operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand (ALE) has been awarded Certified Support Staff Excellence Center status for operational excellence in their support operations, a fourth year in a row. The recognition was awarded by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).

CSS Corp has been providing technical support to ALE for over 16 years in order to enable the company to deepen client engagements and bring exemplary customer service. Leveraging CSS Corp’s technology support platforms, ALE was able to bring down recurring ticket incidents by nearly 20%, while fully resolving customer queries, thus improving customer satisfaction across four regions and global support centers.

It enables enterprises to move from a reactive support model to a pre-emptive and proactive support model by leveraging the automation and high-end data analytics.

Sunil Mittal, EVP & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, CSS Corp said, “Delivering seamless CX is a critical imperative for telecom companies in today’s digital age, and they are looking for the right experts who can partner with them in their digital transformation journey. As a trusted partner for major telecom players globally, CSS Corp is committed to delivering tangible, measurable outcomes and exemplary customer engagement through a unique combination of technology and expertise.

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