CSS Corp Unveils its New Center at Austin To Spearhead Technical Innovation and Customer Experience

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, today announced the opening of its newest delivery center at Austin, Texas. With the new center in Austin, CSS Corp is expanding its presence in the US, in line with the company’s vision of offering world-class infrastructure and tech support services to clients across the globe.

It is the company’s fifth delivery center in the country, in addition to the existing centers in Milpitas, Dallas, Utah, and New Jersey. The company aims to tap into the skills and local talent pool available in Austin to grow its business in the region. Service delivery for its first customer from this location, BlueJeans Network, a global leader in interoperable video collaboration services, has already begun. CSS Corp will offer level 1 technical support, premium support, and technical account management services for BlueJeans’ customers, along with various back-office services, through this center.

“We are delighted that CSS Corp is the partner of choice for BlueJeans Network in Austin.The new center aligns with our ethos of driving impact without any geographical limitations. It is a strategic expansion for us that will enable us to deliver best-in-class technical support services for clients across industries looking to target the rapidly growing Texas market. Austin is a great location for our new site, considering the availability of a good technology talent pool in the region. We plan to continue this growth momentum with expansion in key geographies across the globe in the near future,” said Sunil Mittal, EVP & Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, CSS Corp, speaking about this development.

“Through our partnership with CSS Corp, we are continuing to build on the great work we’ve done when it comes to transforming our delivery of technical support in order to optimize the customer experience for clients. We appreciate the nimbleness that CSS Corp displayed in scaling up quickly to meet our requirements, and we are confident of reaching more milestones in this journey together,”said Nir Galpaz, VP, Technical Service and Support, BlueJeans Network.

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Why It’s Time to Revisit Women in Technology in 2020

There’s nothing inherently masculine about cloud computing, data analytics or artificial intelligence (AI). Computers are also androgynous by nature. However, the tech sector remains heavily dominated by men, especially in the senior positions. What’s more appalling is that despite women’s participation in tech continues to be a favorite topic at every technology forum and organizations getting serious about diversity and inclusion in the last one decade, women are massively underrepresented in top management jobs. And that’s why it’s time to revisit the women in tech narrative in 2020 and beyond.

In a recent report McKinsey researchers observe, how gender imbalances emerge from as early as the first promotion point where women account for 48% of entry-level hires but only 38% of first-level managers, with a clear knock-on effect for equality in higher positions.

This naturally explains why the overall number of women in top management roles is still painfully low. Today only 5% of CEOs of major corporations in the US are women. In India too, female representation on boards increased by just 4.3 percentage points to 15.2% in 2019 from 2014, as per the latest CS Gender 3000 report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI). This is however significantly below the global average of 20.6%. India also has the third-lowest rank in the Asia Pacific with regard to female chief executive officer (CEO) representation (2%), as well as other ranks such as CTO, CIO and CFO.

Diversity makes good business sense

However, studies have time and again proved that diversity in leadership makes good business sense. As a Harvard Business School report mentions, having women on the board results better acquisition and investment decisions and in less aggressive risk-taking, yielding benefits for shareholders. As Sasikala Mahesh, Head of Delivery (India) at ThoughtWorks suggests, “Women are naturally empathetic and can contextually apply emotional intelligence to manage people effectively. This also explains why women leaders across the world have demonstrated their abilities to build a safe, open and conducive work environment.”

Jie Chen, an associate professor in Finance at Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK, and his co-authors mention in the report, “One benefit of having female directors on the board is a greater diversity of viewpoints, which is purported to improve the quality of board deliberations, especially when complex issues are involved, because different perspectives can increase the amount of information available.”

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TimesJobs :: High Tea Live Chat Session :: Satyanarayanan Visvanathan

COVID-19: Future of jobs in IT sector

TimesJobs: Welcome to the High Tea Chat Session. Mr. Satyanarayanan Visvanathan, Sr.VP-Head HR, and Head of Corporate Quality, CSS Corp will join the chat at 3 PM. Meanwhile, you can send your questions related to Future of jobs in IT sector. Kindly note your questions will be moderated and sent to the celebrity to answer. Questions already answered by the celebrity will not be entertained.


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Good afternoon to all of you in the chat room! Hope all of you and your family members are safe and positive. My name is Satyanarayanan, people call me Satya. This is my 31st year in the IT industry, having been with CMC Ltd, Diwan of Royal Court Muscat, Sultanate of Oman earlier. For the last 12 years, I have been with CSS Corp in different roles. I have extensively worked in the areas of Enterprise Application Development in different domains and headed the Global Delivery of different business units such as Engineering Services, Technology Support with CSS. Currently I am the Head of HR (Global) and Head of Corporate Quality. As Head of HR, I am reinforcing people practices and leading the transformational journey to a Digital HR. In my role as the Head of Quality, I provide an independent view of all our client engagements.


Pavitra : Hello Sir, afternoon how do see employment market change amid COVID-19 pandemic and after the lockdown?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Pavitra, good afternoon. Obviously, there are going to be a lot of changes. While there could be some threats and job churns in the near future, there are bound to be more opportunities coming up. People need to be agile in terms of mindset to position themselves for emerging scenarios. Keep sharpening your skills!


Lien : Hi Sir, greetings. I would like to know what kind of new jobs will emerge in the IT technology as technology has become a key driver to run the basic operations across the globe?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Lien, greetings to you! There is going to be a lot of thrust on “Self-reliance” in several areas such as Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare. You as an IT professional have a tremendous opportunity to contribute in the mega projects in these domains. Whether it is a conventional skill (Java, Web, Mobile et al) or neo-modern (analytics, social media etc), all these are required to drive such initiatives successfully


Ila : Hi sir, goodafternoon, I would like to know how hiring scenario will change in new-age technologies such as AI, ML, etc. Which skills will be most sought after in these technologies?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Ila, good afternoon! Hiring is set to have a new ingredient – that of people working remotely. A lot of jobs could be delivered from home. We are seeing reports of Vision 2025 from TCS and other players. This means that geo restrictions and constraints would ease out both for the companies as as well as professionals. Not everything needs to be in new-age technologies as I mentioned earlier. AI, ML etc could play an important role for example in Healthcare. Take the Covid-19 situation, right from contact tracing to vaccine research, many aspects could be powerfully impacted by suitable deployment of AI, ML


Aditya : Hello sir, hope you are doing well. How job prospects for engineers will change in the overseas market as USA economy is struggling to retain its workforce? And how it will impact the Indian job market post COVID-19 lockdown?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hello Aditya. Am fine, thanks. Hope you are doing great. A number of geo-political aspects will have to settle down before a clear view emerges. It is certainly true that many countries will attempt self-reliance to some extent. At the same time, a readily available local talent pool would still remain an unresolved issue. With respect to India, there are potentially several positive changes that we could look for. The areas of focus that the nation wants, would need a lot of talented youngsters. IT professionals should be skilled and demonstrate flexibility in getting into the newer opportunities.


Krishna : Hello sir, afternoon. I’m a software engineer with an work experience of 2 years. Looking to change my job profile is it the right time to change it or should i wait till things get back on tracks? Kindly Suggest


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Krishna, good afternoon! I am not sure, if your career opportunities in the current company are exhausted. While it is some trend these days to have a job switch every two years, it is important to note that a longer stint (say 5-7 years) could help in the longer run. If you have some compelling reason (personal or otherwise), you should possibly looking for a change. Otherwise, allow the choppy waters to settle down


Rohan : Hi sir, afternoon, In the wake of COVID-19 how talent demand among the companies will change? What key trends one will witness in coming times on talent front.


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hello Rohan good afternoon. The Covid-19 impact on companies in US, Europe or other geos who have been outsourcing IT jobs, will influence the extent of outsourcing in the coming days. There could be a shrinkage. For example take Travel or Tourism, which already have a severe impact currently and to some extent in the near future. On the other hand, product companies (take Video conferencing products) see a boom. Networking products to the last mile would also set to have a surge. Such factors would directly have a demand impact on talent market.


Omi: Hi Sir, greetings. How the employment opportunities will change for freshers? How one can find a job amid and post COVID-19 pandemic


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Omi, greetings to you. We are already seeing reports that freshers intake would continue in quite a lot of companies. Perhaps, there could be a delayed on-boarding in certain instances. Job search will have to continue as before, but as you do that please ensure that you are doing a continuous up-skilling. Remember, communication skills are equally vital for many jobs!


Neil : Afternoon sir, as the tech giants plan to work remotely, I would like to understand how the nature of jobs and what kind of skills will be in demand by them? Also, apart from core skills which other soft skills will take the center stage in getting a job?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hello Neil good afternoon. Nature of skills per se will not have a change. But if the job involves remote working, you should equip yourselves towards the same starting from your basic infrastructure (power, connectivity). Communication will gain further importance because of the fact that what is achieved during face to face meetings, may take more efforts and time in a virtual mode. Self-discipline would be valued!


TimesJobs: Thank you everyone for taking out time to participate in the session. Hope the session was useful for you. We regret that due to time constraint Mr. Visvanathan could not answer all questions. The chat transcript of the session will be made available for your future read, soon on the site.


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Greetings to all of you. It was a great pleasure interacting with you and sharing my thoughts. Stay Positive, Radiate Positivity!!
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Why digital assurance is the new quality assurance

The way we see quality assurance and testing will change forever. The pandemic has brought about a reactive yet deliberate transformation of enterprises’ digital presence and support to customers.

The economic scenario has increased the pressure on customer experience (CX) practitioners to ensure a consistent and seamless user experience (UX) to satisfy customers. While some are doing all they can to deliver a more memorable online experience, others do not seem to have a clear roadmap.

We are seeing unprecedented examples in our daily lives. The streaming wars waged by Amazon Prime and Netflix to pull clients, with machine learning led recommendations, such as ‘because you watched Breaking Bad, you may like Narcos’ algorithms keep their clients glued on. In other examples, cross-selling and up-selling have become pervasive across e-commerce, learning management, and content management.

E-learning providers, for example, have enhanced their online schooling experience after realising that not all teachers, students, and parents are digitally savvy. Cosmetic companies are using augmented reality (AR) for replicating in-store experiences; multi-level marketers are using virtual connect sessions. The consumption patterns of online collaboration and e-learning have gone upwards by more than 20 times when compared to pre-Covid-19 days. Hence, the criticality of deploying an agile and integrated digital assurance framework

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Engineer’s Day: Industry leaders talk about the innovation brought by engineers

Engineer’s Day is celebrated in India to honour and pay tribute to the greatest Engineer and Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Today, as we celebrate another year of acknowledgement and pride for the achievements brought in by the engineering community, this is what the leaders across industry vertices have to say about the engineers and the innovation in line.
Sunil Mittal, EVP at CSS Corp -“We are at the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution which is characterised by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological. Technology is the catalyst in transforming and accelerating progress across every sphere. Engineers are making an impact with their cutting-edge abilities, integrating data platforms, software tools, and digital infrastructure to accomplish results seamlessly and with ease. There is an inherent need for today’s engineers to break out of the mould of being proficient in niche skills, to rapidly move towards design thinking, learning, unlearning and relearning, and being adept in technical skills that transcend boundaries. While we are in the here and now, engineers of the future should endeavour to navigate through this dynamic technology ecosystem and future proof their skills to be attuned and equipped to take on any challenges and construct what the next revolution will hold.”

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24 Years Of Experience And Counting…

Finance and I

• Why Finance and I mix?  

Might be genetic! My father was an accountant by profession and my paternal grandfather was an astrologer with a sharp acumen and fascination for numbers. Once I chose this stream, the very fact that finance is a great enabler, as well as the most reliable yardstick for business performance, made it even more exciting for me.

• Motto I live by…  

Never do anything that you would not want to see reported on the front page of a newspaper.

• Being CFO to me means… 

A conscience keeper and a provider of early warning signals to the businesses.

• When I switch any company I would like to be remembered for 

Being a team player, my scalable controls and processes that I helped devise or implement.

• Next pit stop 

CFO of a publicly listed company.

• Leadership goals 

Inspiring people to do their best and shaping careers.


• Another CFO I look up to 

It would be difficult to single out a particular person.  All the CFOs that I have had the opportunity of working with in the past have influenced me positively as well as some of the CEOs that I have worked with. I applaud them for their ‘CFO instinct,’ and hence consider them as my ‘Gurus’ too!

• A leader/mentor I look up to and why

Outside the corporate world, it would be MS Dhoni. I admire him for the cool head over his shoulders and his ability to get the best out of his team.

• One deal I wish I had cracked 

Thankfully, I do not have any such regrets as of now. I am glad to have had great work experiences, including M&A deals and transformation initiatives.

• One thing I still want to learn 

To become an expert in the art of negotiation.

• Most overrated financial advice  

I believe that the B2C business valuations these days are certainly overrated.

• Value creation to me means? 

An equitable creation of value to the entire stakeholder spectrum – shareholders, employees, vendors, society.

• What have failures have taught me? 

As long as we are willing to learn from those failures, life always offers everyone a second chance.

• From my previous experience, the biggest learning that remained? 

Behind every great achievement lies strong teamwork.

• One misconception that CFOs have about themselves?

Being I ‘only a numbers guy’. The have successfully evolved from that phase to becoming leaders who provide strategic direction to businesses. I feel that over the last two decades, this evolution has already taken place.

• One responsibility/thing that very few understand about CFO’s function? 

Risk mitigation.

• What role does spirituality play in my life & leadership? 

Spirituality has taught me to treat others with empathy, treat success and failures with equanimity and most importantly, always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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IT firm expands Philippines operations

MANILA, Philippines – Information technology (IT) services and support company CSS Corp. is expanding its operations in the Philippines by opening a third facility in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig. CSS Corp. Philippines country head Arvind Appavu said in an email interview, the third facility which is opening this month would allow the firm to expand its presence and offer opportunities to provide jobs.


“We, at CSS Corp, have always recognized the rich talent pool and growing opportunities to expand our business in the Philippines. We will do whatever is necessary to drive our presence in the local market to meet our client requirements,” he said.

Located at the Asia Century Center, the new facility would require hiring 500 employees to serve clients such as internet service providers, original equipment manufacturers, and telecommunication companies in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia.


“With the opening of our newest service center in the Philippines, we are expecting to continue the hiring momentum in 2020. In terms of headcount, we would be looking to add another thousand employees in the next 12 months or so,” Appavu said.


CSS Corp. has two other service delivery facilities in the Philippines located in BGC. As of last year, the company’s workforce count in the Philippines is at 1,500. After opening the new facility, he said the company wants to expand further in the country by going to the provinces.

A moratorium was imposed by the Office of the President last year on the processing of applications for economic zones where outsourcing firms locate in Metro Manila to encourage growth in the countryside.

As CSS Corp. is expanding its operations, Appavu said the company also has a positive outlook for the business in the country this year.


“We are expecting to grow our offices to house over 2,500 employees by the end of 2020, which will drive our business to serve more clients and secure more partnerships throughout the year. This would result in doubling our revenues out of the Philippines,” he said.


CSS Corp. uses artificial intelligence, automation, analytics, cloud and other digital solutions to address customer needs. At present, CSS Corp. has more than 6,400 technology professionals and is present in 18 global locations.


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CSS Corp wins Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2020 at Stevie Awards

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India: CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, today announced that it has won the Gold Stevie Award in the ‘Contact Center & Customer Service Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2020’ category at the 14th Annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The awards were presented to honorees during a gala banquet on Friday, February 28 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV.

CSS Corp was awarded for emerging as the premier outsourcing services provider at the awards. Over the last few years, CSS Corp has been investing heavily in enhancing its capabilities as an end-to-end managed CX services provider, leveraging best-of-breed technologies, and has become a strategic partner of choice for global brands with its business transformation-themed services. Leveraging new age technologies like AI, automation, analytics and augmented-reality, CSS Corp has transformed customer support from an effort-led to an intelligence-led ecosystem. Customers of CSS Corp have been realizing tangible outcomes through CSS Corp’s differentiated outcome-based and gain sharing models which have helped them in their transformation journey.

Speaking on the occasion, Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp said, “global outsourcing brands look for partners that can synergistically bring together best-in-class technology, operational and people expertise, and flexible business models, to drive outcomes for them. I believe over the past few years, CSS Corp has positioned itself as a leader in partnering with reputed organizations and driving outcome-focused CX transformation for them. We are extremely proud to win the Gold Stevie award as the world’s leading outsourcing service provider while surpassing some of the industry’s biggest names at the awards. This award is a testament to our continued pursuit of service excellence driven by our values of customer centricity, deep tech innovation and spirit of partnership with our customers.”

CSS Corp’s presence as a global leader in providing exceptional customer service has grown over the past two decades. It has built a world-class delivery ecosystem through digitally-infused operations, and an award-winning talent development platform. The company drives B2C and B2B customer experience and technical support services. In the last 2 years, CSS Corp has emerged as the industry’s most awarded mid-tier global services company with over 35 international awards.

The Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service are the world’s top honors for customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. More than 2,600 nominations from organizations in 48 nations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were evaluated in this year’s competition. Winners were determined by the average scores of more than 180 professionals worldwide on seven specialized judging committees.

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How embracing virtual hiring will be the new normal in the HR landscape

Social distancing norms are ensuring that recruiters turn towards virtual collaboration platforms that offer 100% mobile experiences.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives. In our effort to combat it, there has inevitably been consequences to our lives, businesses, and the economy. It has been challenging for employees and employers alike. The changes in the worldwide job market paints an alarming picture of the work scenario for many who are stuck at homes with families to take care of. Business repercussions across industries are forcing leaders to re-think and adapt to ensure business continuity amidst this downturn. The IT and ITES sector which was once brimming with job opportunities and hiring activities has lost some sheen because of the widespread impact caused by Covid-19.

HR at the Forefront

Employees feel they are wading through murky waters with no clue on what is in store with every passing day. Stepping out of the house is a privilege and having a kitchen shelf stocked with groceries is in itself an achievement. Only time will tell if the days of frequenting prospective employers for evaluation tests and successive interviews are gone. Job seekers during these pandemic times are in for a surprise. Everything is going virtual. Remote meetings, virtual collaboration, and digital recruitment are the ways to get through these distressing days.

Across various industries, the HR function faces the brunt of sourcing and engaging talent amidst a disruption they have never experienced before. With all the gloomy news encasing us, it is invigorating to hear that the IT and ITES HR functions continue to provide seamless Employee Experience (EX) by leveraging the power of new-age tools.

Today, employers have greatly adopted the use of these tools to source, hire, and engage employees to ensure optimum staffing across functions. Undoubtedly, new age virtual hiring is playing an integral role in minimizing business disruption and making people dynamically adapt to changing needs. After all for an organization to successfully run the experiences of both employees and customers must be made seamless. With the temporary closure of the usual route to recruiting talent, organizations are taking the virtual highway to accelerate the hiring process with positive results despite remote working regulations in force.

Digital Recruitment Framework

Social distancing norms are ensuring that recruiters turn towards virtual collaboration platforms that offer 100% mobile experiences. Multi-device UX tools have redefined the recruitment processes through their efficiency and seamlessness at every phase of the recruiting process: screening, assessment, documentation, on-boarding, and engagement. After sourcing candidates from online sources and social media, recruiters communicate with candidates through new-age HR platforms for evaluation and screening. These platforms follow global data security norms and data compliance laws, and they integrate with existing HRMS applications. Subsequent interview phases happen via videoconferencing applications.

With a flurry of remote video profiling sessions underway, “trust but verify” is the policy employers follow. Bots, AI, NLP, and ML tools bolster existing applications and offer behavioral insights, test proctoring, web monitoring during interviews. Post the government restricting travel means the entire documentation phase happens online. Selected candidates need to sign specific clauses verifying their identity after which they receive the digital format of appointment letters. Virtual events such as orientation, technical and soft-skill training, and meet-the-leader sessions ensure a sense of connectivity and engagement for the millennial workforce. Quick processing, turnaround, and unflagging momentum overall has surged the number of new hires every month.

All organizations are frenetically racing to step up to the challenges of the pandemic, but of the whole lot, the new-age digital service providers are delivering on SLAs and productivity through 100% utilization of staff. Reports claiming that the pandemic has exposed the frailties of the outsourcing landscape has negligible truth to it; the fact is that IT and ITES firms are braving the storm quite well across various global delivery centers through robust frameworks built on automation, analytics, and AI. By automating routine tasks, HR leaders have more time to focus on core strategic aspects of the enterprise.

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Upskilling, Key to Thrive in the New Digital Normal: Experts

“In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, with various frameworks and tools coming into play and a mix of technologies and languages being used in them, organizations are looking for candidates with a holistic approach towards problem solving rather than owning niche skillsets.

Hence, rather than focusing on specific skill sets and investing enormous amount of time in championing them, the distinguishing factor that will set them apart is having fundamental knowledge on various trending skillsets in the industry. The onus is upon the leadership to equip the workforce with solid use cases, mentoring programs, and collaborative sessions towards experiential learning. For example, CSS Corp’s own ‘Digital Reskilling Framework’ hones budding leaders through leadership programs and mentor-mentee sessions. At this juncture of technological heterogeneity, it is imperative to be digitally savvy, agile, and nimble to learn, adopt and sharpen one’s skills towards being relevant to the current business environment.” – Brijesh Balakrishnan, SVP & Delivery Head – Digital Engineering Services and GIS, CSS Corp

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CSS Corp is now Movate

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