How A Right Cloud Security Strategy Can Help You Vaccinate Your Business Against the Cyber Pandemic

It’s a no brainer – cyber security is a critical issue.

But top leadership teams at many organizations had been overestimating their strategic cyber security capabilities until the COVID-19 crisis hit the world.

The global pandemic, exacting a terrible economic toll worldwide, caught most businesses off guard and has had a downstream effect on security teams of most organizations.

It exposed that only a few companies worldwide had strong cyber security preparedness to combat the increasing number of cyber attacks, triggered by the rapid shift in work patterns on an extremely abbreviated timeline and operating model. Companies are today exposed to an exponentially higher number of threat surfaces and vectors resulting from remote delivery of work.

According to Atlas VPN, the number of breached records in the first quarter of 2020 hit an all-time high of 8.4 billion, a 273% surge from the same period in 2019.

Just Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) or Current Reality?

COVID-19 has accelerated businesses’ transition to a digital future with data moving to cloud. Many global business leaders at World Economic Forum, held in July this year, warned looming of a potentially dangerous cyber pandemic that is likely to result due to rapid and unplanned move.

Dave Bartoletti, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester says: “In general, we expect companies to expand their use of public cloud, contract their spending on building private clouds and shift their hybrid balance to be greater on the public cloud side. This shift was already underway; the pandemic will accelerate it.”

Where Should Businesses Prioritize?

The COVID-19 crisis has refocused strategic priorities of businesses towards the value of cloud delivered security and operational tools.

A solid cloud security plan is central in protecting an organization’s assets and reputation. Security and risk management leaders must now commit to new, emerging cloud security trends to optimize business value and eliminate risks.

• Review the Security Needs of Your Remote Workforce: It is recommended that you evaluate your unique business needs and the data and applications usage of your workforce to assess if any security measures need to be prioritized.

• Eliminate Mundane Tasks with Security Process Automation: It automates security operations tasks based on predefined rules and templates and performs tasks faster and at scale. It saves significant time for businesses to focus on more critical security projects.

• AI to Augment Human Decision Making for Driving Digital Business Initiatives: As more companies adopt cloud computing, many struggle to handle the increasingly complex environment – constituted by the sheer volume of devices, users, and applications.

AI/ML technologies can be integrated into cloud access and application security and network and gateway security to protect digital business systems, improve security defense, and enable automated investigations and accelerated reactions. These technologies build an air-tight system that can take businesses’ cloud security game to the next level.

• Risk-based vulnerability management: It’s recommended that businesses focus on automating infrastructure build out first to significantly reduce the scope of security errors, continually checking instances across the environment and leveraging threat intelligence and asset criticality to prepare a 360-degree view of risks organizations are vulnerable to and a mitigation plan.

The Borderless Enterprise is Here to Stay

We are over 9 months into the COVID-era now. Many businesses are still playing catch up to optimize their remote work experience, according to Infoblox.

Over 90% of decision-makers consider digital transformation and cloud-managed services a priority. Organizations can deploy cloud in multiple ways for communications, brand building, reducing costs and increasing customer acquisition.

A trusted cloud services advisor has the expertise to enable enterprises to take a proactive step towards ensuring safe and secure cloud computing environments while maximizing their ROI and brand image through a managed services model.

Top cloud services organizations today are shepherding many Fortune 500 companies through the process of cloud consulting or cloud migration, and building IaaS and PaaS solutions which can co-exist, on-premise or on the cloud enabling greater operational flexibility.

It is critical to choose a DevSecOps partner, that can help organizations go-to-market faster, improve team productivity and efficiency, detect defects in early stages and build highly stable and secure products.

AI-driven, multi-spoke cloud operations can have businesses covered from provisioning through disaster recovery, giving them lowered TCO, higher ROI, agility, real-time scale, and availability.

In these times, it is important for organizations to have a Zero Trust framework that moves each of their perimeters to every network, user, and device within and outside their company to prevent leaks of their protected data and reducing the risk of increasing cyber attacks.

It is important to act now than regret later.

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Budget 2020: Govt. Focuses On Data, AI, Quantum Computing

The Union Budget 2020 presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made a quantum leap, calling data as the new oil and allocating a substantial sum for development of quantum technology in the country. In her address, Sitharaman said the new economy is based on innovations that disrupt established business models.

“AI, IoT, 3D, printing, drones, data storage, quantum computing etc are all rewriting the world economic order,” she said.

Are these initiatives enough for Narendra Modi government’s target of turning India into a US$5 trillion economy by 2025? Tech experts and analysts look somewhat optimistic.

Making a Quantum jump

One of the most significant announcements was the Rs 80 billion outlay over the next five years for the National Mission of Quantum Technology and Application.

Nishant Singh, Head of Technology and Telecoms Data at GlobalData, says: “The announcement is significant as the scale of investments necessary to make headway in quantum computing is not possible without the support of the government or large corporations. The quantum computing race already has stiff competition, with companies like Amazon, Google and IBM in the fray; the Indian government’s move should boost the attempts of domestic technology providers, who have been keen to enter this field, but so far did not have the necessary scale or resources.

“From the government’s perspective, quantum computing and its related applications will have significant implications for India’s digital citizen initiatives in healthcare, smart cities and research. For the wider technology sector within India, it would mean attaining indigenous capabilities in quantum technologies, which they can leverage commercially.”

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What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At CSS Corp?

As the demand for data science jobs keeps growing, the supply of meritorious candidates is not keeping pace. According to a study we conducted in 2019, around 97,000 data science positions were available to be filled that year alone. It is a travesty then that despite the demand, companies face a lot of challenges when hiring for these positions, and CSS Corp is no different.

However, despite the struggle, the company has managed to attract and retain a significant portion of this talent. Credited largely to its stringent and unique hiring practices, CSS Corp has overcome the challenge of sourcing that small proportion of data scientists dispersed across the nation.

“Being a new-age digital services provider in the B2B space, we pick candidates who have that extra slant for AI, analytics, and automation, instead of the usual coding or testing skills,” says Brijesh Balakrishnan, SVP & Delivery Head – Digital Engineering Services and GIS, at CSS Corp. “In short, we map a career for those who have the inner thrust to learn and grow,” he adds.

So who would be the ideal candidate for a data science position at CSS Corp?

“We look for candidates with a knack for thinking logically and analytically toward solving business problems,” says Balakrishnan. “It’s about fresh thinking, not clichéd answers. An ideal candidate would be one who balances technical forte with soft-skills, right attitude, and personality in a team setting,” he adds.

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The companies giving pay hikes

Amid widespread layoffs and pay cuts, some companies are bucking the trend, Economic Times reports. Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, Johnson & Johnson, Flipkart, BharatPe and CSS Corp are among those that have given salary hikes, made variable payouts and even effected promotions. Experts say companies with a strong cash-flow buffer seem better positioned to give increments or bonuses. Firms such as TCS, Infosys and PwC India have deferred hikes while Reliance Industries, Oyo Rooms and TVS Motor have cut salaries.Amid widespread layoffs and pay cuts, some companies are bucking the trend, Economic Times reports. Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, Johnson & Johnson, Flipkart, BharatPe and CSS Corp are among those that have given salary hikes, made variable payouts and even effected promotions. Experts say companies with a strong cash-flow buffer seem better positioned to give increments or bonuses. Firms such as TCS, Infosys and PwC India have deferred hikes while Reliance Industries, Oyo Rooms and TVS Motor have cut salaries.

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CSS Corp positioned as a leader across all four market segments in NelsonHall’s NEAT vendor evaluation for CX Services in telecom and media

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 10 (ANI/BusinessWire India): CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, today announced that it has been recognized as a leader across all four market segments in NelsonHall’s NEAT vendor evaluation for CX services in telecom and media sector.

The report critically evaluated the performance of 17 global customer experience (CX) service providers, against a structured two-axis dynamic model on their ability to meet future client requirements and deliver immediate benefits.

CSS Corp’s offerings are built on five essential pillars of customer support, i.e. end-user experience, agent experience, systems, CX analytics, and process automation. The company provides best-in-class services, leveraging their home-grown Digital Contact Center 2.0 suite of solutions with integrated modules like augmented reality based CXM, mobile assistant, cognitive chatbot, self-service, knowledge base management, smart routing, sentiment analytics, agent 360 and team lead dashboards and over 100 cognitive and RPA-based processes.

These factors make their offerings highly dynamic, adaptable, and customizable; hence fit seamlessly into any customer environment, resulting into desired business outcomes.

NelsonHall’s report recognizes CSS Corp’s technology capability in integrating their platforms to the customer environments by harnessing the power of disruptive technologies that maximize customer experience and accelerate digital transformation.

“There is an increasing need for organizations to provide seamless customer experience and support while mitigating risks and demands. Over the last couple of years, our innovative value propositions in the Hi-Tech CXM arena have enabled clients to embrace the power of technology-led and outcome-focused services and drive CX transformation. We are proud to emerge as the chosen partners for our clients in their journeys to provide simplicity, consistency, and customer-centricity at every touchpoint. NelsonHall’s leadership recognition corroborates our proficiency in delivering powerful combinations of our indigenous digital solutions and managed services to provide customized offerings to our customers,” said Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp, while speaking on the recognition.

“Digital technologies have disrupted the current CX landscape and clients now look for a partner to help utilize them efficiently. CSS Corp is leveraging transformational CX capabilities across the telecom and media segment. The company’s approach towards delivering mature and differentiated commercial models to support digital transformation with a portfolio of outcome-based contracts is the foundation to build next-level CX,” said Ivan Kotzev, CX Services Lead Analyst at NelsonHall.

This NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) analyzes the performance of vendors offering CX services. The NEAT tool allows strategic sourcing managers to assess the capability of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations and identify the best performing vendors overall, and with a specific focus on CX improvement, revenue generation and cost optimization.

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CSS Corp wins the 2020 BIG Innovation Award

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology company, today announced it has been named a winner in the 2020 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group.

CSS Corp was lauded for its Digital Customer Experience Platform for its ability to transform customer support from an effort-led to an intelligence-led ecosystem for modern B2B and B2C enterprises.

CSS Corp’s Digital Customer Experience Platform has been closely built on the experience of managing complex support environments for leading technology vendors and SaaS companies for over two decades.

The award-winning platform seamlessly unites the three essential pillars of technology support – end-user experience, operational efficiency, and support engineer productivity.

It leverages technologies like AI, analytics, automation, and augmented reality holistically across the support functions in multi-device, multi-channel, and multi-technology ecosystems.

This platform is being successfully used today, bundled with CSS Corp’s best-in-class services, by top tech vendors to manage their technology support environments.

“CSS Corp has always been a frontrunner in empowering premium customer experiences by harnessing technologies like AI and automation. The Digital Customer Experience Platform has been designed to suit any client environment and provide maximum value across industries,” said Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp, while speaking on the occasion.

“We are honoured to receive this recognition as we endeavour to scale even greater heights on our quest to transform CX and provide solutions that are simple yet significant,” added Tandon.

“Innovation has become a major theme for organizations across virtually all industries and this year’s winners are a testament to the creativity, passion, and perseverance of individuals worldwide,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Operating Officer of the Business Intelligence Group.

“We are thrilled to be honouring CSS Corp as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many,” added Jimenez.

Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteer their time and expertise to score submissions.

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Learn, Unlearn & Relearn: 3 mantras for future-ready leaders

As the demand for data science jobs keeps growing, the supply of meritorious candidates is not keeping pace. Market research firm Gartner highlights that just 20 percent of employees currently have the abilities required to succeed in their current and future job roles. In another recent survey, an average of 43 percent of young people said that they were confident that they will need to retrain and have the ability to do so.

As revealed in the Future of Jobs Report 2018 released by the World Economic Forum, ubiquitous high-speed mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, widespread adoption of big data analytics, and cloud technology are only some of the drivers of change that could lead to demand for new skills and create the need for continuous learning for entire workforce, irrespective of their industry or domain.

As uncertain as it could get, the entire world of work has taken a hit with COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses across many sectors have been urged to now operate remotely and quickly adapt to the new ways of working. The role of leaders has become most critical, they have to help the organizations and the entire workforce navigate through this uncertainty looming around the whole ecosystem.

To be able to navigate the complexities of the business ecosystem at present and in the future, as it gets more uncertain, leaders of today and tomorrow have to follow the mantra of ‘Learn, Unlearn & Relearn’.

The need to learn, unlearn & relearn
The metaphor, ‘Change is the only constant’, is as real as it could get in the era of industry 4.0. The onus thus, comes on the business and HR leaders to invest in continuous development of their workforce and ensure that they are always up to date with the in-demand skills.

Anurag Bansal, Senior Director and Business Head, HUGHES Global Education shared, “In recent times, businesses across the globe are increasingly facing complex problems due to rapid changes in technology, disruptions happening through innovation, turbulent market conditions and changing consumer behavior. During such uncertainty, especially, given the complexities COVID-19 pandemic has led to, it is very important to have leaders at the helm who can steer their companies to success in these scenarios.”

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The firms hiring in India

Some industries – from e-commerce and insurance to gaming – are hiring even during the pandemic. Also, there are firms that are doling out pay hikes. Check out a list of companies (not exhaustive) that are upping their talent acquisition and retention game.

Amazon is creating 50,000 seasonal jobs across the country for its fulfillment and delivery network.

Dunzo is looking for senior leaders – managers, directors, architects, and tech leads.

Edtech firms including Whitehat Jr, Unacademy, Simplilearn, Vedantu, are all planning to hire in the range of 500-2000 employees, Economic Times reports.

Early stage startup ShoppinPal is looking for Customer Success and Data Operations executives.

Five insurers, including PNB MetLife Insurance, Tata AIG and Reliance Nippon are reportedly looking to hire around 5,000 people as they anticipate a boom in business once the lockdown ends.

Gaming unicorn Dream11 seeks 250 people over the year for its technology, design and product teams.

Contract management venture Icertis plans to hire 180 people over the year.

FarEye, which upped its headcount by more than 12% during the lockdown, seeks individual contributors in engineering teams and techno management roles, a company spokesperson said.

Humans of Bombay is looking to hire for these positions: HR Executive, Graphic Designer, Executive Assistant and BA interns.

Grofers and BigBasket have committed to hire thousands for their delivery operations.

Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, Johnson & Johnson, Flipkart, BharatPe and CSS Corp are among those companies that have reportedly given salary hikes, made variable payouts and even effected promotions.

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