Conversational AI: The digital retail wonder to transform customer experiences and ensure sales spikes

Retail organizations should consider Conversational AI solutions to listen to their customers and ingest voice data to distill it into actionable insights. 

AI is being looked at as a game changer which can beget better customer interactions across various channels, devices, and touch points. To humanize these interactions, brands are making contextual investments to drive human-like conversations, also known as Conversational AI. This juxtaposition of AI & human consciousness is leading to conversational interfaces similar to the ones used in Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. These AI powered devices are disrupting several industries, especially the retail space and are being increasingly used by consumers to research product information, deals, and compare competitor products. The technology helps customers interact with shopping websites and apps while providing a new capability for retailers to drive brand awareness. These step changes indicate that Conversational AI is soon becoming the new normal in retail and will play a critical role in influencing the customer along the purchasing journey.

Transforming shopping experiences through AI
Retail organizations should consider Conversational AI solutions to listen to their customers and ingest voice data to distill it into actionable insights. Retailers can induce artificially intelligent conversations and allow leads to interact with brands through apps and receive instant responses without any agent interactions. This capability can deliver not just template responses, it can now offer contextual human-like responses, and can learn over time. This has huge business consequences since it can impact the customer acquisition processes.

Here is how conversational AI is impacting every stage of customer buying cycle and changing customer experience expectations-

Awareness: Showcase products based on customer voice queries; optimize customer product search efforts by displaying products which match their unique interests and needs, analyze voice search trends and tendencies to know customer preferences and display products they want.

Consideration: AI-powered apps can provide recommendations more accurately and in real-time, it can take them to an FAQ page with customized information. Chatbots can handle more than a million conversations with the customer in a day and can suggest various products based on their past purchase history, likes, and needs.

Conversion: Bots can also boost conversions by automating up-selling and cross-selling processes. They can start a conversation with the user based on their profile and interactions, while offering value-added products and services which might interest them. Amazon generates 35% of its revenue from its AI enabled recommendation engine.

Customer care: The predictive analytics feature in conversational AI helps in forecasting product demands; this is used in customer care where user behaviors can be predicted to deliver proactive customer support through quick and relevant interactions.

Brand Advocacy: Conversational AI can strengthen brand connections with customers by giving redeemable offers which are personalized and by integrating allied services enabling varied opportunities to interact with the customer. These services can be movie booking or food delivery feature in messenger or gaming apps, the idea is to enhance the overall customer experience by blending utilities for effective brand recall. The overall experience through conversational AI plays a larger role in influencing a customer’s buying process and it has the potential to transform customers to evangelists leading to increased brand resonance.

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CSS Corp wins gold at the 10th Annual Best in Biz Awards

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company today announced that it has been named as a gold winner in the ‘Most Resilient Company of the Year 2020′ category in the 10th Annual Best in Biz Awards.

Right at the onset of the pandemic, CSS Corp’s proprietary and award-winning resilience framework enabled the seamless roll-out of a 100 per cent productive Work-From-Home (WFH) model across its 18 global delivery locations. Being among the early movers in the industry to follow a WFH model from March, the company embraced the new normal with resilience, agility, and determination, thus rendering utmost support and efficient service with zero-disruption to its clients.

The three-phased resilience framework of prepare, stabilize, and thrive created a cohesive and structured blueprint for the organization which enforced guidelines, ensured employees with adequate support and resources, as well as assured clients with timely support, communication, and engagement. CSS Corp was among the few companies in the industry to roll out annual compensation hikes, as scheduled in April 2020.

The company also implemented their five-pronged strategy called the CHEER framework, which stands for- Communication with Employees, Highlighting Accomplishments, Energizing teams, Engagement with Employees, Recognition of achievements for employee well-being. It spreads positivity and recognizes employees for their consistent efforts during these unprecedented times.

“When the world was facing an unforeseen pandemic, we made sure to create a consistent and vibrant culture across the organization that encourages and comforts our employees and provides seamless and constant communication. We are proud to be recipients of this award as it reflects how CSS Corp ensured zero impact to its clients and employees through tremendous resilience. A lot of credit is due to our 8,000 plus employees across the globe who showed immense passion and unstinting commitment during this phase to keep our flag flying high,” said Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp, commenting on the recognition.

“Corporate resiliency has never been more important than in 2020 and the winning entries in the 10th annual Best in Biz Awards have impressive accomplishments in this area,” said Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs, having judged six of the last 10 Best in Biz Awards competitions.

2020 marked the 10th annual Best in Biz Awards and – with a continuing global pandemic – was also a year like no other in the program’s 10-year history. Despite the global challenges, the 10th annual program saw a particularly strong field of entries from public and private companies of all sizes and spanning all geographic regions and the judges were impressed with the year’s winners’ agility and adaptability that allowed their businesses to thrive, their willingness to always go the extra mile to help their customers in these unusual times.

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