6 Reasons Why Gaming Organizations Need Good Customer Services

Entertainment not only relieves stress but can also be a great source of happiness. While games have always been a great source of entertainment the mediums through which they are delivered and consumed have created a snowball effect over the years. As much as 64% of the general population in the U.S. alone consists of avid gamers, and the global gaming market is expected to touch a whopping $90 billion by 2020. Now, those are massive numbers.

Most gamers are passionate about the games they play. However, their loyalty should never be taken for granted by gaming companies. Their passion towards the game typically leads them to have a shorter “fuse” than most other types of consumers. The other dynamic, unique to this industry is that a very miniscule percentage of customers drive the vast majority of revenue, making churn significantly more painful. So, what needs to be done, not just to keep them happy, but also to maintain a perennial flow of revenue?

Here are some of the fundamentals that may appear to be borrowed from the software industry but can be applied to the gaming vertical as well.

Identifying the differentiators
As the gaming industry keeps growing, it’s also turning highly competitive. As there is little to choose between competitors on factors like graphics, soundtracks, and cost, the ability to provide personalized and in-game service to players is turning out to be an essential differentiator. The ideal way to keep the players loyal is to keep them delighted, which can be achieved through a mix of exceptional customer service and analytics-driven insights about players.

Many gaming companies now realize the real value of customer service and player analytics. Bringing this together can provide gaming companies with a substantial competitive advantage, offering substantial returns on the investment. While increasing competition makes it difficult for gaming firms to persuade new players to spend money on subscriptions, it is much easier to monetize in-game services. Additionally, player analytics can be used in tandem to identify the insights that could add value to player journeys and prompt them into making micro-purchases.

Adding value to the subscriber base
Here are six key reasons on the customer service front that can be useful for gaming providers looking to add value to their subscribers:

1. Advocates & Gamers as support agents

Hiring locally sourced seasoned gamers as support agents to boost engagement

Troubleshooting a mid-game issue can be annoying for players. So, when they approach customer service, they expect a quick fix to their issue. However, if they are forced to explain their problem to someone who doesn’t understand them, it can quickly add to their frustration. Having seasoned gamers and game advocates as support agents, allows players to communicate their issues in gaming lingo and receive empathetic experiences. It would reduce the customer’s effort and create an endearing relationship.

2. Multi-lingual support

Timely support in multiple languages that is active round the clock

Most games transcend geographical barriers and are played by people speaking different languages. While the instructions are usually available in multiple languages, it is also essential for gaming firms to offer timely support to gamers in their language. Also, it is vital to have a service team that is active 24/7, catering to customers from different time zones.

3. Support beyond traditional channels

Omnichannel support and in-game service options to enhance the gaming experience

While most PC gamers are technically skilled and like fixing their problems themselves by looking for support on the developer’s website or community forums, console game players usually prefer having quick and easy access to customer support without having to leave their games. This requires gaming firms to have omnichannel support that caters to the demands of their target audience across multiple touch-points. An omnichannel support strategy for gaming firms should go beyond traditional channels like email, chat, and call, to include in-game service options, active support on thriving gaming community forums, social media support, and mobile support to deliver exceptional player experiences.

4. AI-driven interactive player support

Automated interactive solutions such as virtual assistants to simplify interactions

While most customers prefer interacting with humans when they approach customer service, integrating virtual assistants across channels with support services has its benefits for gaming studios. Apart from helping provide prompt service to gamers, they can also bring down the operational cost while providing quick, round-the-clock access to support. A one-to-one real-time conversation that offers personalized attention to players can be quite useful in keeping the players engaged.

5. AI-driven player analytics

Relevant analytics to identify compelling insights about players

To keep their subscribers fascinated, gaming studios must keep pushing the fun factor in their games. This means, they constantly need to identify the gaps and improve the overall gaming experience, and AI-driven analytics is the ideal means to achieve it. Using player analytics, gaming studios can track the behavioral patterns of the players and use machine learning algorithms to spot emerging trends, which in turn can be utilized to improve game development and keep ahead of the competition.

6. Efficient Feedback Mechanism

Efficient feedback platform to tap player-reviews and opinions

Organisations lending helping hands towards employees amid pandemic

Amid the present Covid-led disruptions, employees look up to their leaders and HR for guidance on how to navigate through this new normal.

Ensuring employees’ wellbeing and safety has become the norm for almost every organisation. ETHRWorld interacted with several industry leaders to find out how they are standing together with their employees amid the challenging times.

Brillio employees who have contracted Covid can avail home care services from medical establishments arranged by the company. Besides, the company has rolled out vaccination drives for its employees and their families and is helping them to book hospital beds, oxygen cylinders or any kind of help related to Covid-19. The company has also introduced a financial loan and Corona Kavach Policy to alleviate the financial burden.

Aftab Ullah, Chief Operating and Delivery Officer, Brillio, said, “The company’s culture is strongly driven by our ‘We Care’ philosophy. Built on that, we have implemented the ‘We Care’ framework for Covid-19.”

The company has been providing facilities, including 24/7 medical emergency support in partnership with International SOS, and access to MediBuddy to help the employees with medical insurance, and telemedical services.

CSS Corp

CSS Corp has been tracking the health status of its employees and has stepped in to provide the required support. The company has introduced a doctor-on-call helpline that focuses on getting the right aid for the employees and their family members.

The company is also offering home diagnostics options and is currently in talks with medical institutes for collaboration. Considering the health challenges, financial hardship, social strain, and access to treatments, the HR teams are in constant touch with the employees to build psychological morale and extend support to access quality and affordable healthcare.

Satyanarayanan Visvanathan, Senior Vice President and Head – HR (Global) and Corporate Quality, CSS Corp, said, “Our employee assistance programmes, and dedicated 24/7 counselling line supporting the employees’ emotional and mental health have been extensively leveraged.”

Visvanathan further mentioned that the company has introduced the SAFE (Support, Awareness, Facilitation, Emergency) framework for the employees who have contracted Covid-19 infection. The framework includes connecting with the affected employees by the HR Team and facilitating support till recovery, awareness through mailers and slogans, facilities like on-call 24/7 medical consultation, and emergency reach out through the Rapid Response team.

DB Schenker

According to DB Schenker, its employees who have contracted the Covid infection can take unlimited Covid leaves to take care of themselves and their families. The company has also rolled out a vaccination drive and is helping the employees with doctor consultation, and arranging medicines, hospital beds, oxygen, ambulances for them.

Vishal Sharma, CEO – Cluster India and Indian Sub-Continent, DB Schenker, said, “We have taken multiple measures to ensure the mental, physical and financial wellness of our employees across the organisation with customised plans and initiatives to address the corporate office staff along with their families.”

Apart from supporting its own employees and their families, DB Schenker is also supporting an NGO in setting up an oxygen plant in a hospital in Delhi, which Sharma believes will assist in increasing the ICU and oxygen beds. The company is also providing logistics services for the Red Cross.


CSS Corp Wins the Incite Customer Service Awards 2019

CSS Corp, a new age IT services and technology support company announced today that they have won the “Solution Provider of the Year: People’s Choice” award at the recently concluded Incite Customer Service Awards 2019 event. The award ceremony was part of The Customer Service Summit West 2019 event in San Diego, organised by the Incite group. CSS Corp’s Cognitive Customer Experience (CX) portfolio was chosen as the best solution of the year from amongst other leading IT players.

CSS Corp’s Cognitive Customer Experience (CX) portfolio has been built to help brands drive superior customer lifecycle management powered by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities. The portfolio integrates technologies like chatbots, automation, consumer insights, knowledge management, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and mobile applications through an outcome-based service model to deliver enhanced customer experiences. In a business outcome context, it also enables new revenue opportunities for organizations by leveraging advanced applied analytics to map a customer’s journey, personalize interactions and enable purchase decisions.

Speaking about the win, Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp said, “We are delighted to be recognized by the Incite group for our unique service model that delivers stellar customer experiences. It is a testimony to our underlying philosophy that customers are at the centre of the business ecosystem. Through our cognitive CX portfolio, we are committed to offer disruptive customer service solutions that enhance engagement and exceed expectations. We will continue to invest in developing solutions that enable our customers to dynamically react to the ever-changing customer intent and proactively resolve their challenges.”

The Incite Customer Service Awards unite leading minds at the forefront of customer service and aim to shine a spotlight on the achievements of those who are truly exceeding customer expectations. This year, companies of all sizes from around the world and across industries were part of the evaluation. Entries for each category were evaluated by a panel of judges who shortlisted 8 finalists based on relevant criteria. The People’s Choice Awards results were based upon an evaluation of maximum votes garnered from people who voted from the shortlisted finalists.

World Environment Day 2022: Technology companies on prioritizing sustainability and driving transformative environmental change

A recent study by NASSCOM and BCG highlights that increased efforts towards ESG initiatives will drive growth for technology organisations in India. The emphasis on sustainability not only has a positive impact on the planet but also presents a huge economic opportunity. That’s why recent years have seen sustainability emerge at the top of the corporate agenda, with both clients and employees choosing to partner with companies that have prioritized it.

Today, as the world celebrates Environment Day, we hear from some of the experts from the technology industry on why sustainability should be made a priority for technology companies.

Environment protection isn’t a job of a single individual, company, or organization, it’s a collective responsibility of all of us. Paying attention to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns is becoming increasingly critical for all organizations across all industries. And the technology sector is no different. Undoubtedly by going green, tech companies can play a significant role in correcting the effects of climate change using their resources and platform. This will help businesses contribute to two things: making the world greener and sustainable and secondly, it helps companies create an innovative culture, improve efficiency, competitive agility, employee engagement, and thus drive growth.

Besides, it’s not just the tech companies that aggressively implement sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices; it’s also consumers who demand it. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, there has been a 71% rise in global online searches for sustainable goods over the past 5 years. Also, research by New York University’s Stern Center for Sustainable Business has found that sustainable brands have increased their share of the U.S. market during the pandemic, demonstrating this trend. This trend isn’t just in first-world countries or the FMCG industry; it’s everywhere! Customers are engaging with sustainable businesses in ways that they previously ignored. While many consumers actively seek out brands and companies that align with their values, they’re also willing to switch products/companies when something violates their ethics. These proof points are testament to the fact that sustainability is more important than ever today. Technology companies have a strong global reach and impact on people, hence they have a great opportunity to lead the way by incorporating sustainability into their core philosophy.

Over the past 10 years, environmental issues have encroached on businesses’ capacity to create value for customers, partners, and stakeholders. Managing climate-related risks and creating opportunities for business growth are intertwined, and tech companies understand that. Managing the green line is an imperative business approach in creating long-term value. As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, and as transparency becomes more prevalent, having sustainable strategies in place is a ‘must-have,’ not a ‘nice to have.’ For the IT sector, the two major concerns are managing e-waste and reducing carbon footprint. At CSS Corp, we have implemented an effective carbon management strategy and sustainable business practices that help enrich our environment and not suffocate it.

As part of the digital initiative, CSS Corp has started to expand its capabilities to include website carbon neutral strategies and cater to the growing demand for sustainable services for existing and new clients. We have conducted extensive research work on assessing carbon scores of over 500 websites and analyzed the factors that impact the scores, and devised optimization approaches for greener websites. Besides, our efficient and sustainable practices helped us reduce GHG emissions by about 91%, prevented the axing of approximately 72 fully grown trees, reduced electricity consumption by 50,08,880 KWhr, and disposed of 442kgs E-waste through authorized recyclers.

Our work culture promotes global environmental sustainability — the consistent emphasis on reducing energy levels, including monitoring energy consumption trends, identifying reduction opportunities, and technology up-gradation, continues to be on our priority list. Since 2014, we have been committed to UNGC principles and support its efforts by ensuring our business practices are built on equality, sustainability, and human rights.

The core value of ESG is being a responsible and trustworthy business. At CSS Corp, there has been a strong encouragement to adopt agile working practices such as minimizing commute, which in a way influences reduction of carbon footprint. The awareness of mental health importance across different global centers have helped employees in fostering good work-life balance. ESG is a complex topic that has evolved rapidly in the last decade, and many concepts and themes have matured into standard practices. In the coming years, there are likely to be more mandatory demands from both consumers and end-users, and many organizations are actively working on adopting, acting more responsible and leverage technology to create sustainable outcomes. – Kiran Marri, Chief Scientist, CSS Corp


The companies giving pay hikes

Amid widespread layoffs and pay cuts, some companies are bucking the trend, Economic Times reports. Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, Johnson & Johnson, Flipkart, BharatPe and CSS Corp are among those that have given salary hikes, made variable payouts and even effected promotions. Experts say companies with a strong cash-flow buffer seem better positioned to give increments or bonuses. Firms such as TCS, Infosys and PwC India have deferred hikes while Reliance Industries, Oyo Rooms and TVS Motor have cut salaries.Amid widespread layoffs and pay cuts, some companies are bucking the trend, Economic Times reports. Hindustan Unilever, Asian Paints, Johnson & Johnson, Flipkart, BharatPe and CSS Corp are among those that have given salary hikes, made variable payouts and even effected promotions. Experts say companies with a strong cash-flow buffer seem better positioned to give increments or bonuses. Firms such as TCS, Infosys and PwC India have deferred hikes while Reliance Industries, Oyo Rooms and TVS Motor have cut salaries.

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