CSS Corp Wins Golden Globe Tigers 2019 awards from CMO Asia Group

CSS Corp, a new age IT services and technology support company, today announced that it has won ‘The Golden Globe Tigers 2019 Awards’ in the business innovation category.

The results were declared by the CMO Asia group at the Le Meridien hotel in Malaysia. CSS Corp was acknowledged for its intelligent automation capabilities, built with innovative solutions that enable IT operations to become more agile and accessible for enterprises. CSS Corp’s intelligent automation for IT operations has been designed to leverage the transformative potential of cognitive technologies to drive customer centricity, simplify businesses, and ensure top-notch service delivery and management for enterprises. By infusing intelligence into IT operations, the platform promotes the highest level of predictability and service-level optimization, providing agility, speed, and flexibility.

“We are deeply honoured to receive this prestigious award for our innovative service model in IT operations. Our cognitive solutions have been a catalyst in transforming traditional IT ecosystems into smarter hybrid frameworks, adding more value to our customers. We continue to work on empowering our customers to drive greater business agility and efficiency through context-driven IT operations”, said Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp.

IT services firm CSS Corp rolls out pay hikes, to hire 1000 people this quarter

Bengaluru: Mid-size IT services firm CSS Corp has rolled out a high-single digit pay hike for its 7000 odd employees, at a time when the majority of its large tech services peers and BPM companies have decided to delay increments and promotions.

The company is planning to hire 1000 employees by the end of June across markets.

Companies such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, WNS and others have delayed pay hikes and put promotions on hold as they see uncertainty over business growth in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak across key markets.

CSS Corp has also paid 100% of variable salary to the majority of its employees.

“We are in challenging times and the organization has responded with great resilience in moving to a 100% WFH model early in the cycle. So it was important for us to ensure they are certain about their future. At the lower bands, which constitute 70% of the workforce, the variable payout was 100% and at higher levels where metrics are a little more stringent, the payout was around 80%. We have also handed out promotions to all eligible employees,” said Nishikant Nigam, chief delivery officer and Head of HR, CSS Corp, adding that its appraisal cycle was not different than that of last year.

The company, which enabled 100% of its employees to deliver services remotely, has given special incentive for those employees who played a critical role in shifting work to homes in March.

CSS Corp will carry out virtual onboarding for fresh hiring meant for India and other countries.

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CSS is among the early movers in the industry to transition to a 100% work-from-home model: Satyanarayanan Visvanathan, Head HR, CSS Corp

Maximising usage of digital collaboration tools, procurement and distribution of necessary hardware and networking equipment, delivering webinars and remote sessions on mental well-being, continuous contact with our employees are some of the initiatives that are helping us ensure business continues as usual, states Satyanarayanan Visvanathan- SVP, Head of HR (Global) and Corporate Quality, CSS Corp

CSS Corp has mature risk management and business continuity plans which are periodically reviewed and tested for robustness. With agility and nimbleness being our forte, we have deployed several measures leveraging our infrastructural capabilities and support frameworks. This intrinsic strength had enabled us to be among the early movers in the industry to transition to a 100% work-from-home model. Maximising usage of digital collaboration tools, procurement and distribution of necessary hardware and networking equipment, delivering webinars and remote sessions on mental well-being, continuous contact with our employees are some of the initiatives that are helping us ensure business continues as usual.

Key challenges faced

Balancing client needs, expectations and deliverables with central/state regulations and guidance on the aspect of working from home; Having the required infrastructure procured, tested and distributed; Preparing the workforce to embrace a 100% WFH, considering the culture shock; Evolving lean, virtual processes to keep different aspects of the organisation running seamlessly

Lessons Learnt

Organisations typically have well laid out disaster recovery and business continuity plans keeping geographical separation as an assured way of resilience. However, this pandemic has struck at the core of that belief and exposed the weaknesses therein. The scale, swiftness and impact of this crisis has been unprecedented to say the least.

The first and foremost lesson, is to revisit and review all practices and processes of DR and BCP, taking into cognizance that such a thing could strike in a very short time. Secondly, organisations should have crisis management teams and rapid action taskforces capable of assessing, preparing and responding to such situations. Lastly, the ability to raise awareness of the workforce and motivate them towards adopting the crisis responses is a crucial factor

As a tech support company, we already have a lot of collaboration tools and platforms. We are using many cloud-based solutions from leading players such as Microsoft, SAP, Industry standard collaboration tools like Zoom etc. One of the concerns while working from home is data security and we have installed DLP software (Data loss prevention) in all our systems to prevent any leakages. Our systems are encrypted, and with the help of screen capture, ongoing audits are done from time to time.

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Convergence, Key To Biz Empowerment: CSS Corp CEO

In a connected economy, customer experience is the new currency. Digital is at the epicenter of the success of any customer experience program across industries. Digital can play a major role in building customer centric business models and help organizations to generate additional revenue.

IT services and solutions provider CSS Corp sees convergence of new age solutions like AI, Cloud, Automation, Analytics and IoT to empower organizations to infuse intelligence into their business processes and enable them to have smart and context led conversations with their customers.

Digital Tech are the building blocks for businesses:

Driven by the adoption of digital technology, the total addressable market for global technology and business services will likely expand to about USD 4 trillion by 2025 as per NASSCOM.

We have invested significantly in AI, analytics and conversational commerce in platform solutions that can help companies understand their customer’s next best action and drive additional revenue. In the recent 2 quarters, more than 90 percent of CSS Corp’s investments were focused on building technology solutions around digital, cloud, analytics and automation. Both in regional and in international markets we see there are huge opportunities in enterprise adoption of digital and new age solutions,” said Manish Tandon, CEO of CSS Corp.


He added that the company has over 5,500 technology professionals across 16 global locations. “We provide IT Services and technology support solutions for over 140 clients, including Fortune 1000 companies, that count on our expertise,” he states.

One of the solution of CSS Corp is Active Insights, an AI led Customer Analytics Solution that streamlines customer data and infuses intelligence into operations. The solution proactively predicts customer needs and offers appropriate solutions even before the customers recognize their need.

We extensively use AI to extract insights from the various touch-points and that help in identifying customer propensities, topics and issues resulting in new revenue opportunities for clients. These insights also help companies understand the customer journey, preferences and account entitlements,” he informed.

Technology adoption by India

According to a survey by PwC, in India, more than half (55 percent) of the companies view digital as technology innovation-related activities vs 53 percent globally. India has leapt far ahead with the progress it has made in technology innovation both from a creation and an adoption perspective. India is reaching an inflection point in technology adoption with mobile, cloud and analytics disrupting the market. Gartner, says IT spending in India is forecast to reach $72.4 billion in 2017, up 6.9 percent from 2016.

Millennials are expected to enter the workforce in large numbers in the next few years. They, as consumers, expect personalized, user and persona based services for their connected devices. To engage effectively with this demographic group, organizations are increasingly adopting new age technologies to discover new efficiencies, new revenue streams and new sources of competitive differentiation,” Tandon remarked.

Head quartered in California, the company’s key industry focus is on,Telecommunication, Media and Technology (TMT)Retail and CPGHealthcare and Life SciencesBanking, Financial Services and Insurance and Manufacturing.

We are aligned strategically with market need and are designing customer centric engagement models, solutions and business processes that recognize different customer segment needs,” he outlined.

Core strategies for Customer Engagements

The company follows a business roadmap based on a four pronged strategy, said Tandon. It enhances customer engagements through IoT, Analytics and Cloud transformation solutions. It then creates a revenue avenues through white-labelling, premium tech support, as-a-service model and marketplace. Also the company believes on focused solutions to enhance specialization and eliminate “me too” via automation, analytics and machine learning. And lastly it emphasizes on faster time-to-market through automation, infusing insights into operations through analytics and drive outcome based models, he summed up.

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Silver lining for jobseekers as edtech, pharma, e-commerce, logistics sectors to continue hiring

As the Covid-19 lockdown lifts gradually and people begin their return to workplaces, there are some pockets of hope for jobseekers.

Recruitment experts at Manpower, KellyOCG, PeopleStrong, and Xpheno predict that even as many sectors see widespread layoffs, there will be a silver lining in sectors like edtech, ecommerce/internet, transport and logistics, as well as pharma that continue to hire.

All of these sectors will need to hire talent for various roles, said experts, and skills in machine learning, data, AI will command a premium.

Supply is predominantly lower than demand in the transport and logistics sector, said Alok Kumar, senior director – Manpower.

“Logistics platforms are already revamping their concepts to match the new market circumstances by enabling retailers to scale home delivery fast. E-commerce companies will need to hire for last-mile delivery executives and warehouse profiles,” Kumar told ET.

Edtech platforms and office automation companies are expected to ramp up hiring plans, said Kamal Karanth, co-founder at Xpheno, a specialist staffing company. “Other sectors that will need to hire talent include pharma, medical devices and healthcare companies, which have seen a boom during the lockdown and will require talent in sales and marketing, engineering, research, as well as testing and customer support.”

Given that the lockdown is rolled back some time by the end of May or June in a phased manner (in the metro locations particularly), the annual absorption of top tech talent is likely to be around 75,000 (best case scenario), says Karanth.

The IT industry should see about half of the top ten IT services companies requiring fresh, top-rated tech talent, almost a third of the remaining services pool, and almost 15 to 18% of the high tech product / internet or GICs going for it.

The pharma sector will have jobs up for grabs in testing, research and sales, said Devashish Sharma, founding member at human resources solutions firm PeopleStrong.The new role of crisis manager will be in demand across sectors, said Francis Padamadan, senior director – RPO, KellyOCG. “Companies will want professionals who can help mitigate risks and losses from such similar global crises in future, and help coordinate smooth business continuity planning.”

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BITS Pilani Now Offers ‘Earn as You Learn’ in Association with Global IT Firm CSS Corp

The specialized M.Tech work integrated learning program will be offered at BITS Pilani to upskill newly joining CSS Corp employees

CSS Corp, has announced the launch of its ‘Earn As You Learn’ program – a specialized M.Tech work integrated learning program, in association with BITS Pilani. The program is 100 percent sponsored by CSS Corp, and will help its employees in India to acquire knowledge and skills required for excelling in their careers with the added advantage of gaining a top-notch M.Tech. degree in software engineering from one of India’s most prestigious universities.

The course will be open to all CSS Corp employees, who meet the qualifying criteria, and have completed a minimum tenure of 6 months with the organization. The program offers a unique opportunity to employees to enhance their academic qualifications while gaining significant professional experience. The 4 year program is designed to create a pool of industry-ready technology professionals.

CSS Corp is a global provider of IT Services and technology support solutions similar to TCS, Infosys and Wipro. Founded in 1996, the company currently has 5,500 technology professionals across 16 global locations and have been looking to make it 10,000 strong team by 2017. With a bid to double its revenues by 2017, from 1050 crores in 2014, the company is likely to tap the leading universities across India.

Speaking about the association, Manish Tandon, chief executive officer, CSS Corp said, “CSS Corp believes in investing in its people, their learning and their development. Our ‘M.Tech Work Integrated Learning Program’ for B.Sc. / BCA Graduates from BITS Pilani is testimony to this. As a new-age company, we are strongly focused on innovation. Our clients are among the world’s top technology companies and there are interesting shifts happening in their ecosystem. Through this initiative, we see a great opportunity to bring our employees up to speed with the latest technologies. This would have a positive cascading effect on the services we can deliver to our clients.

Work integrated learning has been a core element of the educational philosophy at BITS Pilani, and it is our firm belief that life-long learning is key to achieving professional success and organizational development. We believe that organizations such as CSS Corp, which provide opportunities to their employees to enhance their academic qualifications and technical skills while gaining significant professional experience, will remain prepared to tackle business challenges of the future,” said Prof. G. Sundar, director for off campus programmes and industry engagement at BITS Pilani.

As a part of the program, the first set of B.Sc. and BCA graduates will be joining in May 2017. Initially, candidates will undergo 60 days of CSS Corp’s intensive New Hire Training. On successful completion of the course, successful candidates will be deployed for various projects. At the end of 6 months, all employees who have qualified from this lot, will join the BITS M.Tech program which will commence around January and February 2018. Once these candidates meet the relevant performance criteria set by CSS Corp and the M. Tech program, they will earn their final degree from BITS Pilani.

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TimesJobs :: High Tea Live Chat Session :: Satyanarayanan Visvanathan

COVID-19: Future of jobs in IT sector

TimesJobs: Welcome to the High Tea Chat Session. Mr. Satyanarayanan Visvanathan, Sr.VP-Head HR, and Head of Corporate Quality, CSS Corp will join the chat at 3 PM. Meanwhile, you can send your questions related to Future of jobs in IT sector. Kindly note your questions will be moderated and sent to the celebrity to answer. Questions already answered by the celebrity will not be entertained.


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Good afternoon to all of you in the chat room! Hope all of you and your family members are safe and positive. My name is Satyanarayanan, people call me Satya. This is my 31st year in the IT industry, having been with CMC Ltd, Diwan of Royal Court Muscat, Sultanate of Oman earlier. For the last 12 years, I have been with CSS Corp in different roles. I have extensively worked in the areas of Enterprise Application Development in different domains and headed the Global Delivery of different business units such as Engineering Services, Technology Support with CSS. Currently I am the Head of HR (Global) and Head of Corporate Quality. As Head of HR, I am reinforcing people practices and leading the transformational journey to a Digital HR. In my role as the Head of Quality, I provide an independent view of all our client engagements.


Pavitra : Hello Sir, afternoon how do see employment market change amid COVID-19 pandemic and after the lockdown?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Pavitra, good afternoon. Obviously, there are going to be a lot of changes. While there could be some threats and job churns in the near future, there are bound to be more opportunities coming up. People need to be agile in terms of mindset to position themselves for emerging scenarios. Keep sharpening your skills!


Lien : Hi Sir, greetings. I would like to know what kind of new jobs will emerge in the IT technology as technology has become a key driver to run the basic operations across the globe?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Lien, greetings to you! There is going to be a lot of thrust on “Self-reliance” in several areas such as Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare. You as an IT professional have a tremendous opportunity to contribute in the mega projects in these domains. Whether it is a conventional skill (Java, Web, Mobile et al) or neo-modern (analytics, social media etc), all these are required to drive such initiatives successfully


Ila : Hi sir, goodafternoon, I would like to know how hiring scenario will change in new-age technologies such as AI, ML, etc. Which skills will be most sought after in these technologies?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Ila, good afternoon! Hiring is set to have a new ingredient – that of people working remotely. A lot of jobs could be delivered from home. We are seeing reports of Vision 2025 from TCS and other players. This means that geo restrictions and constraints would ease out both for the companies as as well as professionals. Not everything needs to be in new-age technologies as I mentioned earlier. AI, ML etc could play an important role for example in Healthcare. Take the Covid-19 situation, right from contact tracing to vaccine research, many aspects could be powerfully impacted by suitable deployment of AI, ML


Aditya : Hello sir, hope you are doing well. How job prospects for engineers will change in the overseas market as USA economy is struggling to retain its workforce? And how it will impact the Indian job market post COVID-19 lockdown?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hello Aditya. Am fine, thanks. Hope you are doing great. A number of geo-political aspects will have to settle down before a clear view emerges. It is certainly true that many countries will attempt self-reliance to some extent. At the same time, a readily available local talent pool would still remain an unresolved issue. With respect to India, there are potentially several positive changes that we could look for. The areas of focus that the nation wants, would need a lot of talented youngsters. IT professionals should be skilled and demonstrate flexibility in getting into the newer opportunities.


Krishna : Hello sir, afternoon. I’m a software engineer with an work experience of 2 years. Looking to change my job profile is it the right time to change it or should i wait till things get back on tracks? Kindly Suggest


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Krishna, good afternoon! I am not sure, if your career opportunities in the current company are exhausted. While it is some trend these days to have a job switch every two years, it is important to note that a longer stint (say 5-7 years) could help in the longer run. If you have some compelling reason (personal or otherwise), you should possibly looking for a change. Otherwise, allow the choppy waters to settle down


Rohan : Hi sir, afternoon, In the wake of COVID-19 how talent demand among the companies will change? What key trends one will witness in coming times on talent front.


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hello Rohan good afternoon. The Covid-19 impact on companies in US, Europe or other geos who have been outsourcing IT jobs, will influence the extent of outsourcing in the coming days. There could be a shrinkage. For example take Travel or Tourism, which already have a severe impact currently and to some extent in the near future. On the other hand, product companies (take Video conferencing products) see a boom. Networking products to the last mile would also set to have a surge. Such factors would directly have a demand impact on talent market.


Omi: Hi Sir, greetings. How the employment opportunities will change for freshers? How one can find a job amid and post COVID-19 pandemic


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hi Omi, greetings to you. We are already seeing reports that freshers intake would continue in quite a lot of companies. Perhaps, there could be a delayed on-boarding in certain instances. Job search will have to continue as before, but as you do that please ensure that you are doing a continuous up-skilling. Remember, communication skills are equally vital for many jobs!


Neil : Afternoon sir, as the tech giants plan to work remotely, I would like to understand how the nature of jobs and what kind of skills will be in demand by them? Also, apart from core skills which other soft skills will take the center stage in getting a job?


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Hello Neil good afternoon. Nature of skills per se will not have a change. But if the job involves remote working, you should equip yourselves towards the same starting from your basic infrastructure (power, connectivity). Communication will gain further importance because of the fact that what is achieved during face to face meetings, may take more efforts and time in a virtual mode. Self-discipline would be valued!


TimesJobs: Thank you everyone for taking out time to participate in the session. Hope the session was useful for you. We regret that due to time constraint Mr. Visvanathan could not answer all questions. The chat transcript of the session will be made available for your future read, soon on the site.


Mr. Satyanarayanan : Greetings to all of you. It was a great pleasure interacting with you and sharing my thoughts. Stay Positive, Radiate Positivity!!
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