CSS Corp Ranked 7th in HFS Research Global TOP 10 Cognitive Assistant Service Providers Report

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, today announced that it has been named amongst the Global Top 10 Cognitive Assistant Service Providers by HFS Research in its latest Cognitive Assistant Service Providers Report for 2018. The report has been compiled based on interviews with 300 enterprise clients of IT services from the Global 2000 on the innovation and execution performance of service providers.

CSS Corp has been featured for strategically blending domain centric customer service capabilities with their technology prowess in customer engagements.  HFS Research has recognized CSS Corp’s cognitive assistant platform Cognitive CX Platform for its modular ability to be integrated easily with contact center channels and with voice platforms like Amazon Echo.

Cognitive CX Platform provides an omnichannel customer experience and offers context-driven, real-time support with a human-like interaction to resolve customers’ needs. The platform also impacts business results outside of cost savings, such as creating new revenue streams and improving content discovery for marketing.

Speaking on the occasion, Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp said, “The future of business is being sharply re-defined by greater personalization for the digital customer. To deliver value, brands are increasingly reimagining customer engagement through intelligent technology. At CSS Corp, innovation in emerging technologies and service delivery excellence defines our pinpoint focus on customer centricity. We are attuned to the needs of our customers, and are striving to exceed their expectations along with their business transformation journeys.”

“As we continue to pursue meaningful engagements with customers and partners, this recognition is another endorsement of our strategy and focus to help our clients digitally transform,” he further added.

Sunil Mittal, EVP & Chief Sales and Marketing Officer said, “We are delighted to be recognized amongst the top 10 service providers for cognitive assistants globally by HFS Research. With our digital-focused strategy, we have been driving innovation and fresh thinking to open up new growth and revenue streams, both for our customers, as well as for us. This recognition positions us favorably to move up the value chain and leverage Cognitive CX Platform’s versatile and modular solutions to drive tangible impact for our customers. ”

“As personalization becomes a critical business differentiator in CX, we will continue to innovate and invest in new tech to stay ahead of the curve and move with greater agility,” he further added.


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How ITeS firms in India are reskilling for the cloud

For many workers, their homes have become their offices and all enterprise applications are now accessed remotely, driving IT companies across India to face up to an unprecedented level of cloud adoption.

Cloud adoption in enterprises has hit new heights during the pandemic as it has become the catalyst for digital transformation. Many organizations have moved towards remote working in response to COVID-19, making the cloud an immediate priority rather than a future project. That’s led to a need for internal reskilling and upskilling of teams. Cloud has enabled IT staff to be frontline supporters as it eliminates the complexities of a hardware-based IT infrastructure.

ComputerWorld takes a look at the cloud skills in demand across India, and how IT/ITes companies are going about reskilling and upskilling the workforce.

Cloud skills in demand
Some businesses are looking for cloud expertise in a narrow field; others want it across the board. We took a small but representative sample of what’s hot at tech companies operating in India.

India’s highest paying tech jobs and the skills that rake in the big bucks
For Sandeep Soni at data protection service provider Clumio, the needs are technical. Soni, the GM and VP of Engineering for the company’s Indian operations based in Bengaluru, says a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in cloud development and serverless applications is the most important skill for a developer these days.

There’s a big difference between database programming for the cloud and on-premises, he says: “Engineers need to have cloud automation skills to build, test, deploy, and manage especially when there are rapid releases. Devops is another important skill that is needed. A good cloud developer needs to enable a smooth running of a software (in the cloud) for operations.”

At business process management specialist Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), CIO Natarajan Radhakrishnan is looking for cloud skills across the board. The company is in the business of helping its customers migrate to the cloud, provide managed services, and also develop cloud-native applications, he says: “For us, the most sought-after cloud skills are sales, migration, application development, and administrative skills.”

Meanwhile, at software consultancy ThoughtWorks, capability development lead Jaydeep Chakrabarty says the latest technology trend becomes the new skill shortage for any organization. Currently, he sees the most in-demand cloud skills as cloud security, serverless architecture such as Google Cloud Platform or AWS, and ML and AI in the cloud.

Automation skills are among those in demand at CSS Corp., according to Phanikishore Burre, SVP and delivery head for network, cloud, infrastructure and security services. He sees a need for cloud skills in a number of roles, including administrator, devops, and security. Hands-on experience on Linux and Windows is important, he says, as are coding chops in Python, knowledge of automation platforms such as Ansible or Jenkins, and familiarity with Kubernetes and other container technologies, databases, and serverless and multi-cloud computing.

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Towards CX 2.0

Embracing innovative tech for a richer and seamless customer interaction

Smooth connectivity and the easy availability of digital tools these days have changed our lives to a great extent-including the ways we connect and interact with brands. Instant gratification has become the new norm in today’s world, which means if you don’t have your finger on the customers’ pulse, then chances are that your consumer will not hesitate a bit in turning his/her back on you as well. Customer-centricity, on the other hand, can get you loyalty, repeat business, profits and most importantly help you get an edge over your competitors.

A McKinsey study concluded that companies that can consistently deliver a high-quality customer experience(CX) can improve their customer satisfaction level by 33 percent while creating cost savings of around 25-30 perpent. On the other hand, disruption at any given point in a customer journey could impact the overall customer experience, and could further impact the revenue side of their business.

While, it’s not difficult to assume why CX has become a key focus of businesses today, but providing a seamless, consistent, and personalized experience can be challenging and CX solution providers are looking for new innovative ways to deal with it. There’s no doubt that the adoption of omni-channel services have been able to let customers connect seamlessly with the businesses. But the challenges are not limited to technology, disparate systems, and data only. We often miss the most critical element- the humans- who are entrusted with the task of interacting with the customers. Hence, when businesses look to embrace a customer-centric culture by putting customers front and centre of their business strategy, they need to strategize their CX-related investments carefully and understand how it affects the entire ecosystem.

The good news is that things are now changing faster with exciting new innovations and developments in this realm. Gartner predicts that more than 50pc of organizations will redirect their investments towards CX innovations by 2018, as they see value in using them to improve every customer interaction.


Superior customer experience is the holy grail for organizations focused on driving sustainable growth and competitive differentiation. But, it can get a bit tricky if they fail to contextualize and align their CX investments with customer pain points and with growth opportunities. Vivian Gomes, VP & Head of Marketing, CSS Corp said, In my view, organizations should adopt an agile and an incremental approach towards digitalizing processes involved in customer lifecycle management. This is not a big bang theory. Making the transformation towards digital enabled CX has to start with driving a strong data-driven culture in the organization. One can start with low hanging fruit and ensure the data from customer touch points is efficiently captured and leveraged across the customer journey. Organizations should create a credible mechanism to streamline data and build customer




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CSS Corp amplifies its technology portfolio with geospatial services

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company today announced that it is bringing in end-to-end geospatial services to complement its digital offerings. The services will enable customers across industries like telecom, utilities, and navigation to gain deeper insights into geospatial data with advanced analytics and machine learning in order to drive powerful business outcomes.

CSS Corp’s geospatial technology services (GTS) encompass geographic information systems (GIS), geo-image processing, mapping, and geo-analytics services, delivering visualization of location or spatial data, insights on spatial relationships, and simplified data management. The company leverages hybrid mapping technologies including LiDAR (Aerial and Terrestrial), UAV, aerial technology with an aim of delivering visualization of location or spatial data, insights on spatial relationships, and simplified data management.

Using these solutions, organizations will be able to create and merge spatial data from multiple sources that allow for easy access, analysis, and utilization. GTS will help clients leverage contextual intelligence for faster decision-making and go-to-market while improving efficiency and productivity exponentially leading to scalable and sustainable development of businesses.

“Given our deep expertise in automation and analytics, CSS Corp is in a strong position to deliver compelling business outcomes through our GIS service line. Our extensive expertise in product design and development, coupled with our 360-degree geospatial content production and management capabilities, will enable us to add enhanced value to our customers while exploring new avenues of growth and performance,” said Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp, Manish Tandon.

“The GIS service line is aligned to CSS Corp’s digital vision and comes as a logical extension of our digital offerings. We are very excited to bring these services to our customers while driving meaningful impact for their businesses,” he added.

“Businesses are increasingly leveraging geospatial data, along with machine learning and advanced analytics to gain powerful insights into business operations and achieve greater results. Our GIS services unlock the true potential of the latest geospatial technologies by combining them with our award-winning machine learning capabilities,” said Nishikant Nigam, EVP & Chief Delivery Officer CSS Corp.


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#LiteracyDay: How companies are addressing skill gap in the current market

With the skill shortage becoming a major concern, companies are taking necessary measures to address such situations and helping employees to reskill and upskill.

The market has evolved over the decade making companies embrace technological advancements. However, the pandemic caused companies to shift from office life to remote working overnight. This is not the only change that we witnessed amid the pandemic.

Companies switched to the cloud model, started to work with Artificial Intelligence technology, and developed solutions for their clientele to survive the times. This increased the demand for skilled professionals in the market that made companies face the biggest challenge – skills shortage or skill gap.

Commenting on such a situation, Satyanarayanan Visvanathan, Senior Vice President, Head of HR (Global) and Corporate Quality, CSS Corp said, “With almost 18 months into the pandemic, we are already witnessing a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. The pandemic has resulted in a greater demand for specialized skill sets to help enterprises evolve along with today’s myriad technological advancements.”

He added, “In the IT industry, with agility becoming imperative, custom development skills like JavaScript frameworks, AI/ML, cloud technologies like AWS, Azure and GCP, DevOps, AIOps, SecOps, and NoOps will go a long way.”

The employees were so comfortable in their skins that they stuck to a single technology or skillset without considering to upskill or upgrade themselves. Pandemic made employees and companies address it and work towards it to ensure that it can change.

To stay relevant in the market, the companies started to offer skilling programmes and employees also started to get courses or certifications to increase their chance of employment.

“As enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation journey, leaders have realised that providing current employees with regular opportunities to improve their existing skills and learn new ones is critical to business resilience,” said Smitha Hemmigae, Head of Marketing, ANSR.

Hemmigae added, “As part of their upskilling and reskilling efforts, tech companies are training engineers to become full-stack developers and attain skills in modern development technologies such as AngularJS and Python. This will not only help employees develop a great career path thus reducing attrition, but also keep the business competitive and forward-thinking.”

The company has grown its workforce by 2.5 times in the last two-and-a-half years in Costa Rica. It plans to add an additional 500 employees in the next one year to cater to the rising demand from global clients for multilingual tech support capabilities, especially in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

CSS Corp remains committed to its global expansion strategy to address growing business needs while enhancing its nearshore capabilities. Costa Rica has been a strong growth engine for the company for delivering world-class services to global hi-tech clients. The services span across the sales and post-sales lifecycle for top enterprise and B2C brands. They include omnichannel sales and marketing support, product development and deployment, technical support, customer success, billing, renewals, and advanced infrastructure and application support.

Costa Rica’s rich and diverse talent pool, its robust infrastructure and favorable time zone make it an ideal nearshore outsourcing destination for CSS Corp’s North America and EU-based clients. With three established centers in the Greater Metropolitan Area, CSS Corp is now looking to open its fourth state-of-the-art facility to accommodate its growing headcount in the country.

The company’s delivery centers are located in hi-tech zones, with convenient access from the airport, and are surrounded by a serene environment, making them ideal locations to work and to co-innovate with customers effectively.

Sunil Mittal, CEO at CSS Corp, said, “This is an important milestone in our ongoing mission to leverage the best talent globally. Costa Rica is the third country where we have crossed a headcount of 1,000 after India and the Philippines. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved here in a short span of time, balancing seamless growth with customer delight. It is really encouraging to see how our employees have adapted to the challenging Covid-19 environment while maintaining the high levels of service that our clients deserve. I expect the rapid growth trajectory to continue in the coming years.”

Jayagopi Andhoor, LATAM Region Head, who has been recently promoted to Senior Vice President said, “We are delighted to have grown so fast to a family of over 1,000 CSS Corpians in Costa Rica. The teams have taken on challenging assignments and excelled at driving business outcomes for global clients through customer-centric solutions. We have comprehensive expansion plans laid out for this region as we expect this momentum to continue.”


CSS Corp wins NASSCOM’s Customer Service Excellence Award 2019

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, has won NASSCOM’s prestigious Customer Service Excellence Award 2019 in the ‘Transformation’ category.

The company was chosen for its innovative approach to transform customer experience operations and create new revenue streams. The award was presented at NASSCOM’s BPM Strategy Summit 2019, which was held in Bengaluru on 5th September 2019.

CSS Corp has been recognized for implementing an outcome-based Managed Services Partnership (MSP) model for a VOIP service provider to transform its customer experience operations ecosystem. The MSP model leverages the capabilities of CSS Corp’s indigenous cognitive customer experience platform that integrates technologies like artificial intelligence, RPA, and analytics to provide world-class support services. The model offers clients with various features including end-to-end CX management, customer acquisition and retention, global service delivery, advanced analytics, gain share opportunities, cognitive automation and RPA tools, to address customer needs and manage customer engagement.
The novel adoption of the MSP model enables clients to improve their overall customer experience, transfer operational risks and shift their focus to core product development, thereby creating more business opportunities. Additionally, it also facilitates a win-win environment by aligning incentives between vendors and clients to provide more value-added services leading to higher customer retention.

“We are delighted to be recognized by NASSCOM for one of our unique and agile solutions. Technology is moving at a rapid pace and we are looking to harness the power of complex and cutting-edge technologies to create customized and simplified solutions for our clients. This award is a great example that showcases our commitment in providing a seamless and outcome-based model that enables businesses and reduces operational costs. We are confident that we will continue to innovate and offer disruptive solutions and engagement models that will help our clients in their transformation journeys,” said Manish Tandon, CEO of CSS Corp.

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‘AI Cannot Replace 1-On-1 Human Interaction In Customer Service Industry’: Dr Kiran Marri, Chief Scientist At CSS Corp – Analytics India Magazine

Global customer experience and technology consultancy services company CSS Corp helps brands reimagine customer engagements. It helps clients manage over 1.2 billion interactions and, in the process, provides technologies, tools and solutions to enhance customer engagements. Its area of focus includes shifting from reactive to pre-emptive modes and helping companies adopt the right strategies to bring in efficiencies and delivery models optimisation.

Global customer experience and technology consultancy services company CSS Corp helps brands reimagine customer engagements. It helps clients manage over 1.2 billion interactions and, in the process, provides technologies, tools and solutions to enhance customer engagements. Its area of focus includes shifting from reactive to pre-emptive modes and helping companies adopt the right strategies to bring in efficiencies and delivery models optimisation.

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Recently, Analytics India Magazine got into a conversation with Dr Kiran Marri, Chief Scientist and Vice President of Digital Engineering at CSS Corp, to understand how CSS Corp is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Kiran is an industry consultant, educator, and researcher with over 18 years of experience in software and systems. An alumnus of IIT Madras (BE, MS and PhD), Kiran’s current role at CSS Corp includes developing innovative solutions, creating sustainable business models for growth, and launching new services in the digital, engineering and testing practices. He is currently researching to apply ML techniques and optimisation algorithms to solve complex engineering and software problems, build solutions for early validation strategies, and develop UX tools for global clients.

Edited excerpts from the interaction:

AIM: What are CSS Corp’s core tech products?
Dr Kiran: We have reimagined customer engagements and have enabled over a billion customer service and support transactions in over 25 languages across 19 global locations. We help clients succeed through intelligent automation-led outcomes and customer-centric solutions & services with the help of two AI-driven platforms:

CSS EDISON: AI-led cloud-based CX transformation platform.
CSS CONTELLI: AIOps platform; it takes an outcome-based approach and leverages cognitive RPA, AI, automation, augmented reality, and advanced analytics for IT support and services.
COEUS: provides real-time insights into agent performance and helps improve overall efficiency and productivity. Last year, COEUS analysed over 10 million transactions, resulting in a 50 per cent improvement in service levels across accounts and increasing employee productivity levels by 25 per cent.
These platforms cut across the front and back offices of any enterprise to drive meaningful business outcomes.

AIM: What tech tools do you use?
Dr Kiran: Our tools vary depending on the services. We use a broad mix of proprietary home-grown tools as well as industry-standard tech tools.

AIM: How are you leveraging AI and ML technologies?
Dr Kiran: CSS Corp proposes a set of solution elements that are flexible and extensible – supported by optimum service delivery model and usage of next-generation tools, methodologies, and framework. Our framework for AI/ML projects across domains is based on five fundamental tenets:

Design right talent sourcing strategy for the program
Define a CoE model that will provide utmost operational flexibility and tight alignment to business goals while achieving the benefits of consolidation and standardisation
Enable Service Transformation that consists of tools, accelerators, new practices, and solution components, and part of ‘managed services’ delivery model, driven by SLA framework
Implement an execution framework based on CSS Corp offerings that will enable rapid and de-risked transition, process standardisation and fosters innovation
Implement Program Management and Governance guided by KPIs, metrics, and stakeholder specific dashboard
AIM: Provide us some real-life use cases.
Dr Kiran: Here are some use cases:

One of our US-based OEMs faced difficulty detecting the quality of images (video streaming) in UCAAS products. We improved their quality benchmarking using our AI/ML and computer vision solutions.
A Europe-based CPF company had challenges in detecting faulty image uploads and automating the process flow. With our cutting-edge solutions that leverage AI/ML, computer vision, and customer algorithms, we enhanced their user experience and quality.


CSS Corp’s Manish Tandon recognized as the CEO of the Year at CMO Asia Awards 2019

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology company, today announced that its CEO, Manish Tandon, has been honoured with the prestigious CEO of the Year award at the 2019 CMO Asia Awards held on 15th August in Singapore.

The award is an acknowledgment of his role in transforming CSS Corp into a new age digital services organization and up scaling its credibility in the global IT industry.

Manish joined CSS Corp in 2016 and has been instrumental ever since in introducing new measures that have established operational stability and driven innovation. Under his vision, CSS Corp has emerged as a new age services provider that offers differentiated value propositions and award-winning solutions, aimed to solve challenges and deliver incredible customer experience to clients.

CSS Corp added another feather in its cap by also bagging the 2019 CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in IT/ITeS Sector. The company was recognized for its unique outcomes-driven services proposition that fuses world-class operational expertise with best-of-breed technology solutions.

“It is an honour to receive the CEO of the Year award from the prestigious CMO Asia group. It is truly humbling when your work is recognized by industry veterans. I would like to thank the entire CSS Corp team who took the leap of faith with me and tirelessly helped in delivering the best to all our stakeholders. I also appreciate our customers for their trust and confidence in CSS Corp as we move ahead on this transformation journey. The Award for Excellence in IT/ITeS Sector goes on to show that the team at CSS Corp is breaking conventions to reach new heights in innovation,” said Manish Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, CSS Corp.

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CSS Corp is looking at IPO in late 2023 for its standalone business: CEO

Company’s CEO says firm is working with business process management (BPM) company Startek on opportunities where they can add value

Customer experience and technology services provider CSS Corp’s chief executive officer (CEO) Sunil Mittal said the company is looking at an initial public offering (IPO) in late 2023 for its standalone business.

Mittal also said the firm is working with business process management (BPM) company Startek on opportunities where they can add value, but has had no conversations with regard to increasing the minority stake of Startek in CSS.

Whenever a private equity deal happens, there is a fund that gets created. There are multiple investors in that fund. The Startek Investment Fund is an indirect investment into that fund that is managed by Capital Square Partners. From a Startek perspective, I don’t have conversations with them on these aspects. We work at arm’s length distance, (unless there’s an opportunity). The way forward is for us to be independent, continue with the momentum and create value for our investors through an IPO,” he said.

He said the firm plans to go public as a standalone business in late 2023.

Startek’s chief financial officer (CFO) Vikash Sureka had told Business Standard that it expects to increase its minority stake in CSS Corp to give it access to a larger market.

Startek announced a strategic investment worth $30 million in CSS Corp in March. The investment was made in a limited partnership managed by Startek’s majority shareholder, Capital Square Partners.

Mittal, who took over as CEO in May, said CSS is also looking at expanding to new geographies and eyeing acquisitions in areas such as healthcare.

“We have plans to take in 3,000 people and we have already hired 1,800 net positions this year,” said Mittal.

The Texas-headquartered company crossed the 10,000 employee-mark in August, and 6,000 of these employees are based in India.

“Last (financial) year, we grew by 25 per cent, and this year also we will grow more than 25 per cent. Based on the trajectory we’re seeing, we should be able to maintain that momentum for the next few years as well,” Mittal added.

The firm has presence in the US, Costa Rica, Manila, India, Colombia, and will expand to Romania from next month.

Around 80-85 per cent of CSS’ business comes from the technology and telecom sector, while 5-8 per cent is from retail consumer packaged goods. It plans to up its focus on retail consumer-packaged goods and healthcare through acquisitions.


CSS Corp is now Movate

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