What is Tech Support?

Technical support (often shortened to tech support) refers to a range of user-friendly assistance that companies offer to their customers on technical issues with products like software, mobile devices, or other equipments. These are support services that aim to troubleshoot users’ common problems, and differ from product training that provides guidance in using a product effectively.

Tech support is no longer a reactive function. It covers a gamut of services such as:

  • Data centre support
  • Cloud support
  • Web Hosting support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Product support
  • Remote IT support services

Tech support can be provided via:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live chat interface

There are primarily two types of tech support:


  • IT Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure is the foundation of every IT organization.

This primarily covers – (a) Operations and Support, (b) Maintenance, and (c) Provisioning.

Operations and Support covers daily system monitoring, periodical security monitoring and troubleshooting of all IT infrastructure-related issues.

Maintenance includes conducting periodical updates, upgrades and maintenance of systems hardware, software and other related infrastructure, as and when needed.

Provisioning encompasses revamping of existing servers or installing new ones, in compliance with operational needs of the client. It also includes detecting and rectifying technical issues, offering recommendations on infrastructure-related upgrades and enhancements.  

  • Enterprise Tech Support

Enterprise technical support is an elaborate and complicated space with the kind of technology and the dynamic enterprise environment it is deployed in. By leveraging enterprise technical support solution, businesses can reduce their support costs by 30%-50%. A Gartner study reveals that real-time analytics will influence 50% of agent interactions by 2018.

Enterprise tech support, backed by automation, is delivering superior value to consumers. CSS Corp provides the following enterprise tech support services:


  • SaaS support services: 40% cost reduction with cloud based Enterprise Support
  • Training and field implementation: CSAT > 90% with high-end training
  • Software support services: Reduce support cost anywhere between 30%-50%


As per Gartner, real-time analytics will influence 50% of agent interactions by 2018. The addition of automation is making tech support an even larger function to transform customer experience and deliver unprecedented value to end consumers.

Some of the organizations that have tapped the potential of our superlative enterprise tech support services witnessed these measurable results:

  • 67% reduction in support turnaround times
  • 50% reduction in TCO
  • 96% CSAT scores to delight customers
  • 20% reduction in escalations through efficient resolutions

Remote Tech Support

The industry is abuzz with the concept of ‘Remote Tech Support’ that implies offering technical assistance for computers in a scenario when the technicians and customers are at different geographical locations. High-speed internet availability is a prerequisite for remote tech support.

If you’re facing a challenge, you can contact your remote technical support services on the phone, who would then remote access tech support remotely access your computer to identify and fix the problem right away. This ensures that your privacy does not get compromised with technicians visiting your house to rectify the issue unless it’s a hardware issue.

This is in contrast to regular tech support that offers hands-on assistance. Often, problems cannot be fixed over the phone or email. That’s when a field service engineer comes to your rescue and provides you hands-on troubleshooting and preventive maintenance services. This kind of service also helps the company maintain warm in-person relationships with current customers and also establish new connections. This gives you the benefit of convenience, and also the opportunity to get some other minor yet critical issues addressed.

Remote Technical Support Services is an apt solution for consumers and enterprises, alike. Consumers can seek the help of remote tech support to install or update their software applications, create or manage backups to protect from data loss, and so on.

Remote technical support services ensure delivering top-notch performance and that the business for both small-scale and large-scale enterprises are always up and running. It remote it support services support day-to-day business operations from technical issues that can potentially disrupt an entire infrastructure or network. With secure tech support remote connectivity, you can track down the issues plaguing your network and fix them in real time using sophisticated support tools and processes. You can be assured about the productivity and performance of your enterprise.

Advantages of Remote Tech Support

One of the key advantages of using remote technical support services is that there are minimal chances of having downtime with your business by virtue of the short response time window. Businesses, on an average, experience almost 3-4 downtime lapses per year, with each one lasting for roughly eight hours. That’s a lot to deal with! With tech support remote, you get the benefit of proactive diagnostics and problem-solving package, rolled into one.

Another big benefit of remote technical support services is that it’s convenient. You do not have to waste precious hours waiting for a field service engineer to show up at your place or schedule an appointment. All you need to do is to convey your problem to the remote technician, who would access your system tech support remote and resolve the technical issue right away.

Remote technical support services are effective in solving complex issues in real time. In intricate scenarios like online transactions, this kind of support delivers more value. Since on-site tech support calls for a lot of waiting time for the technician to arrive at the location, remote tech support results in no wastage of time and resolves the transaction issues in real time, which implies that you won’t lose any business.

There is also the benefit of immediate access to the most advanced IT tools available. The remote technician can use these resources to address and fix your issues quickly. It also enables significant cost savings.

Remote IT Support Services Helps Cloud Companies Manage Data Centers Efficiently

Data center operations can be demanding. Constantly monitoring of network/server performance, responding to customer problems in real time and server maintenance can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, many data centers find it difficult to concentrate on projects that enhance data center capability.

Remote technical support services enable many cloud companies to manage their data centers efficiently. Some cloud companies enable service providers to connect distributed data centers in private, virtual private, public, and hybrid clouds and empower customers to Datacenter gateways can be extended to customer data center virtualization with services that are over MPLS or IP. Connecting end users and remote sites.

For example, Fujitsu empowers its customers to exploit the cloud to its fullest potential and opens up new doors of expansion. It eases the pressure on your in-house workforce by remote access tech support which remotely managing your virtualized or traditional infrastructure from its state-of-the-art data centers located across the globe.


How CSS Corp Changes the Face of Tech Support with its Remote Technical Support Services

At CSS Corp, we understand that remote tech support enables lesser downtime and provides greater output from customer operations. Our proactive remote tech support initiatives make the end customers happy. We’re a global leader in remote tech support services enabling one in three Fortune 1000 companies transform their customer experience.

We offer support on behalf of some of the best brands across the globe, handling tens of thousands of remote sessions a day for consumers facing complicated technical issues. We extend our remote tech support across a whole spectrum of industries – retail, software, telecommunications, consumer electronics, banking, and financial services, healthcare and life sciences, education and so on.

We help leading companies in these sectors:

  • Improve their customer satisfaction scores as per their respective industry benchmarks
  • Enhance the value of their core offerings and open new revenue streams
  • Expand and differentiate their product offerings

Our in-house, accomplished remote it support services technology experts are the backbone of our remote tech support program. We offer secure and trouble-free connections between remote computer systems anytime and anywhere. Our remote it support services are adhere to the latest industry standards and infrastructure and ensure the highest level of safety and privacy for our users.

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