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IT budgets are tightening, which is prompting innovative commercial models and engagement strategy from forward thinking industry leaders to provide better customer experience. In that context, opportunities that enable the creation of additional revenue to subsidize costs are becoming increasingly relevant.

In the past 50 years, the primary focus of majority of large IT contracts has always been to reduce cost, automate back-office business processes & manage IT remotely. Driving revenue for customers has become farfetched. Seldom vendors discuss solutions whose value proposition is around helping customers generate new and additional revenue streams.

CSS Corp’s Growth Navigator Suite provides a gamut of modular solutions that can be effortlessly white-labeled resulting in faster customer acquisition and new revenue streams. Known for rapid adoption and success, our white-labeled solution has created opportunity for a new recurring revenue stream for our customers.



Increasingly, technology companies are looking at ways to deliver services around the IoT and connected home. Demand for cross-platform consumption of media and content is opening up further revenue streams and growth opportunities for companies in Hi-Tech, Retail and Telecommunication.

CSS Corp’s experience of managing over 1000 multi-brand products and over a billion transactions enables organizations to develop alternate revenue channels, increases customer lifetime value and enhanced customer ‘stickiness’.

Solution - CSS Corp helps companies in IoT, Hi-Tech, Retail and Telecommunication to launch support services faster and delight customers with our Premium Tech Support (PTS) Services. We provide pre-packaged support solutions that include customer service, self-help, knowledge base, analytics and operational expertise.

With PTS, we give customers the flexibility to add and augment features to their existing portfolio of services. We offer "Out-of-scope" and Out-of-warranty” services that guarantee attractive margins for your business. Irrespective of what customer hardware/devices/platform looks like, our support solution fulfills every device requirement.

Our support solutions act as a catalyst for growth and enable companies in consumer technology like Networking device manufacturers, IoT and Hi-Tech OEMs to create new revenue streams and help them succeed in their business.

CSS Corp’s Premium Tech Support (PTS) is focused on providing device-agnostic services to customers, and to help them in mitigating technical challenges in their connected environments.

Success Story - A large networking major significantly reduced their support cost by > 200% through CSS Corp’s PTS and thereby generating significant revenue growth. With out-of-warranty support, the support experts helped the client to generate consistent revenue. The PTS services ensure attractive margins on low-profit products. CSS Corp presently manages 40% of customer’s support volumes and CSS Corp’s gains share model has been instrumental in driving revenue generation and customer stickiness.


CSS Corp’s turn-key managed services and solutions augment, complement and extend MSPs’ capabilities enabling them to offer 24/7 monitoring, management and support services. We help companies create new revenue streams through white labelling our managed service offerings by bundling additional services with hardware.

Managed Cloud Services - We help companies grow their AWS business (Channel Partners of AWS) with our Managed Cloud Offerings

For E.g. Customers can white Label our AWS managed services capabilities and deliver service under their brand, this way customers get access to the AWS ecosystem that CSS Corp have built in terms of Solution, Skills, AWS Certified Team and Partnerships

Managed NOC/SOC/DC Management Services - MSPs can leverage our iSOC capabilities (in addition to all), white label the services and provide per device/per ticket/per resolution based services

End-user Computing (EUC) Services - White-labeling our EUC services, IT Vendors/SIs can offer expert, 24×7 technical support without investing in infrastructure and training


CSS Corp offers cost effective and scalable platform solutions that can be white labeled to generate recurring revenue from existing and new clients. Our platform solutions offer modular services that are strategically important in enabling the delivery of the right services, at the right price, in a sustainable way. Our platform solutions hyper-charge enterprise infrastructure ecosystems, predicts incidents, threats and business opportunities and assists in the decision-making process. Customers can customize our platform solutions with their own logos and repackage it as an extension of their own service portfolio.

Predictive Operations and Intelligent Automation - Platform based solution that builds a strong business case for automation in IT service management. It improves operational efficiency by 30-40% and gives you a holistic view of enterprise infrastructure ecosystem.

Analytics as a Service - SaaS based analytics solution that help companies understand their customer’s next best action and drive additional revenue. Our analytics platform help companies

  • Increase conversion rates by gaining insights to customer behavior
  • Increase average sales value by gaining insights to customer segments
  • Increase cross-sell opportunities by combining, integrating & analyzing customer data sets

Network Monitoring as a Service - Platform based networking monitoring and management services that help networking and telecom companies to augment their existing product/solution capabilities and enable them to deliver holistic service offering to their enterprise customers


CSS Corp help companies in IT/SI/Security/Software Defined Solution (SDX providers) to build, run and operate their sales and engineering teams in respective regions/territories and eventually provide pre-sales, consulting, design, implementation and support services for their customers.

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