CloudDRIVE is CSS Corp’s next-generation predictive and cloud automation platform that ensures continuous optimization and maximized benefits from day one of cloud migration.

The tool enables the consolidation of various monitoring activities into a single, dynamic dashboard. The deployment tracking capability of the tool clearly indicates when a release was implemented and compares the performance before and after the deployment. This ability to evaluate the impact on the performance of every release is critical to agile development, DevOps, and continuous integration.

CloudDRIVE yields substantial benefits which include a 30-40% improvement in operational efficiency, a 20-25% reduction in cloud management, besides increased availability and reduced complexity.

Manage a hybrid cloud effectively by eliminating the deployment and management pitfalls that slow adoption, and disrupt ongoing operations

Take advantage of our next generation platform to provision, configure, secure, monitor and manage your applications and cloud infrastructure

Determine whether your cloud setup is immune to security threats and is able to meet legal standards of data protection

CSS Corp is now Movate

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