CloudMAP, the automated Cloud Migration Assessment and Planning solution caters to identify the nuances and complexities of your business environment and your technical landscape. This includes a comprehensive technical analysis, operational analysis, along with business and application analysis. This enables enterprises to understand the cost savings, business improvements, technical enhancements, and security implications in cloud migration.

Constantly monitor and fix issues before they have an opportunity to impact the security of your infrastructure or applications.

Evaluate your business needs and the potential benefits, (including your ROI) in moving to the cloud.

Assess your current capabilities to unearth the risks and challenges involved in migration. Review the architecture of your applications to determine their cloud suitability.

Build cloud based services, solutions and models that are scalable, flexible and cost effective.

Create, deploy and operate applications and services leveraging industrialized service delivery and automation across hybrid clouds with increased speed and greater flexibility

Review the list of services offerings that are available, including pricing and service-level commitments, along with the terms and conditions for service provisioning.

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