Our simplified, industrialized and predictable solution migrates enterprise workload through refactoring, re-platforming and live workload migration. As you begin the migration process, it is important to continuously test your applications to make sure the transition is not causing any issues or slowdowns. Running and monitoring applications and components in the cloud is often similar to doing the same on-premise, but there are some significant differences.

Migrate your resources (including applications, data, storage, tools, contents and utilities) based on your chosen migration strategy, using our automated tools and standard processes

Detect issues before you migrate to the cloud to reduce post-deployment failures, and to optimize time and cost

Migrate to public cloud to reap the benefits of low cost, shared computing service, with a utility delivery model where you can pay for services by the hour

Migrate to private cloud that offers enhanced security, service availability and greater business agility

Minimize trade-offs and break down technical barriers to get maximum benefit and improved performance from each component of the hybrid cloud

Build security safeguards (controls) into the cloud architecture to cater to different flavors of cloud delivery, i.e. any combination of service delivery models (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) and operational models 3(public, private and hybrid)

CSS Corp is now Movate

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