CSS Corp brings to reality highly agile and intelligent IT operations solutions that can monitor, predict and respond to future business needs, and can protect and heal themselves automatically. We help you in achieving your business goals by making your IT infrastructure a catalyst for higher efficiencies and productivity. We provide end-to-end support for your servers, desktops, network devices, and business application infrastructure.

IT Management Engine

A SaaS based advanced IT management solution that monitors on premise, cloud and hybrid IT from a single platform.

Insights Engine

Leverage near real-time analytical information to provide early warning alarms of uncharacteristic system behavior and resolve issues before the environment is impacted

Intelligent Automation

Perform dynamic provisioning and deprovisioning of all computing resources and provide extensive automated support for continuous IT operations

IT Visualization and Interactive Dashboards

Access and interpret data in real time to make well-informed decisions quickly

Case Studies

96% improvement in resolving infrastructure management issues


Achieve 31% reduction in infrastructure management costs by simplifying IT


8 best practices to transform your infrastructure management

CSS Corp is now Movate

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