For organizations operating in today’s increasingly hyper-connected, and technologically advanced ecosystem, cybersecurity has become a huge area of concern. We realize that even a minor disruption puts everything at risk – brand, reputation, finance, intellectual property, and assets of an organization. Therefore, it is extremely important for organizations to gear up their cyber defense strategies by implementing robust cybersecurity services to secure their operations and protect their entire infrastructure.

Modular iSOC

Proactively and predictively assesses security in your operations

Threat intelligence and response

Real-time detection and prevention of known and unknown attacks

Managed services for IoT security

Securing Business Operations and Customer Engagements

Real time security monitoring and notification services

Proactively identify & validate vulnerable IT assets

Stop malware with proactive anti-virus management

Ensuring what is out stays out

Harness an effortless yet robust cloud security cover

Comprehensive web security guaranteed

Identify vulnerabilities before they strike

Accelerates software development lifecycle with initutive tools

Assess, improve the current state of your network devices


Cost-effective advanced security solutions for the digital age

Point of View

Securing the IoT world with 220% increase in device adoption


SNAP IT – Intelligent End-point Monitoring Solution

CSS Corp is now Movate

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