CSS Corp’s Intelligent Security Operations Centre (iSOC) platform proactively assesses the level of security in your operations, pre-empting threats using our Security Sense Engine (SSE). We secure your enterprise applications across technology layers, connected platforms, processes, and devices. Real-time monitoring of end-point devices helps in detecting and responding to advanced threats. It enables you to achieve an increase in business uptime and containment of security issues through proactive mitigation services. Our team of advanced threat intelligence experts is trained on the security aspects of each customer and their business risks.

Our network of associated 24/7 security operations gives you the capitals and services you need to secure the threat

Increase security response speed and efficiency, solve the identification, prioritization, and respond to threats faster

Our experts assist you with anomaly and intrusion detection, providing deep analysis and identifying gaps in existing security controls, and highlighting threat behaviour.


Cost-effective advanced security solutions for the digital age

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Securing the IoT world with 220% increase in device adoption


Going to war with Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

CSS Corp is now Movate

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