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Your contact center is at the intersection of employees, channels, and customers. How ready and relevant is your contact center to serve the ever-evolving expectations of customers? Contact centers need to deliver consistent and superior customer experiences. Nearly 70% of them are migrating legacy applications to the cloud to stay agile, flexible, and scalable at a competitive cost. There’s never been a more crucial time to lift & shift on-prem contact center applications to the cloud than now. In disruptive times, make a destiny-changing decision that ensures always-on services, anywhere operations, and omnichannel experiences.

Whatever be your current situation, CSS Corp’s AWS gurus, prorprietary solutions and accelerators rise to the occasion. Be it integrating applications or transitioning telephony to AWS Connect or any other challenge, work with the right partner who has the credentials and experience to oversee an end-to-end transition.


Proven capabilities

A track record of leveraging cutting-edge digital accelerators

Progressive value

Deploy faster and more accurately via proprietary tools

Ahead of the pack

Innovative CX Platform supercharges contact center ecosystem

Focus on CX

Closed-loop feedback ensures solutions align to customers

ISO, PCI & HIPAA compliant

100% cloud managed solutions

Pay-as-you-go model

Unified customer data

Scalable & flexible

Inbuilt cognitive powers

Enterprise automation led

Flexible configuration

CSS Corp is now Movate

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