Interactions have gone digital. Context is key. Delivering contextual interactions is the new norm. Contextualization increases personalization driving customer loyalty. With digital-savvy customers already looking at proactive and even pre-emptive customer experiences, brands and support organizations need to evolve themselves, renovate and innovate much faster than the competition to stay relevant today.

Go vocal. Tap new possibilities

Leverage voice as the next big frontier for support. Create engaging conversations

Power up static applications with intelligence

Create voice-aware applications. Spin tighter customer experiences

Make applications more reactive and responsive

Transform static applications with push services notifications

Achieve enhanced collaboration between services

Integrate, build and customize business services. Let customers take control

Command and it shall be done

Harness new technology with inbuilt smart devices support

Develop innovative applications to simplify customer interactions

Power & enhance business applications with a layer of added simplicity and control

CSS Corp is now Movate

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