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Online merchandisers use interactive product recommendation solutions to reduce the time taken by consumers as it provides them with customized choices upfront. Research suggests 45% of consumers are more likely to shop on sites that offer personalized and interactive services. While these solutions have created a difference in consumer engagements, they are limited in scope, real-time interactions, and self-service capabilities, reducing their potential to produce seamless consumer experiences.

To help you drive the next personalization wave and pave the way for smarter consumer engagements, CSS Corp introduces Digital Concierge Solution (DCS). Developed as a “zero-code solution,” DCS aims to remove conventional pain points related to product recommendations and selections using intelligent models and a six-stage workflow to build an interactive and personalized roadmap that delivers right-fit intelligent recommendations. These are delivered through interactive widgets and chats over a secure, multi-lingual, deployment friendly environment that is scalable and flexible enough to meet growing needs.

By generating real-time personalized interactions, DCS improves customer footfall, conversion, and engagement rates assuring persistent shopping experiences. As a result, customers enjoy faster checkouts, improved efficiency and response time, and keep coming back.


Intelligent Models

Brand managers can select wide range of models (product-product model, top seller model, user-user-model).

Smart Instant Layouts

User interface can be designed instantaneously with smart elements, and ease to change layout at run-time.

Early Validation

Engine configured with content level validation for text, images and covering wide range of checklists.

Rapid-code, Easy Deployment

Avoid long and cumbersome integration process for design and deployment. The real-estate of the pages are easily configurable and is a no-brainer.

Accelerated Deployments < 2 weeks

Self-service < 2 hrs

Rinse and Repeat

Scalable Recommendation Algorithm

CSS Corp is now Movate

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