The digital world is rapid, racy and ever-changing. Real-time communication and voice have become the new frontiers today. With advancements in speech recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) related technologies, we have already ushered in the era of Virtual Customer Assistants (VCAs) alias Chatbots. Per Gartner, implementing VCAs in organizations has reduced up to 70% of call and/or email inquiries and have resulted in increased customer satisfaction and a 33% saving per voice engagement.

Powering Omni-channel Interactions

Seamless experience and humanized interaction across multiple devices, platforms and chatbot implementation services

Driving Cost Savings

Yodaa dramatically reduces support costs as it deflects call volumes from high-cost support channels such as call centers, to low-cost support channels such as self-help and knowledge base.

Enabling Deep Learning Mechanism

Incredible understanding of customers’ intent and real-time response to queries

Experiencing Highly Scalable, Secure and Customer-Centric Engagement Model

Multi-concurrent capability, exceptional performance and highly secure architecture

Predicting Customer Behavior and Anticipating Failures

Proactive response to customers’ needs and pre-emptive mechanism to mitigate failure

Creating New Revenue Streams for Customers

Robust analytics that understands customer propensities and discover new business opportunities


Humanizing Customer Interactions with CSS Corp’s AI Platform Yodaa

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Learn how AI enables greater customer centricity and new revenue oppurtunities


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