Over the last decade, software development has gone through a quantum change from its traditional waterfall model of distinct development phases to the more dynamic and overlapping Agile framework.

Today’s rapidly changing business climate requires that software development companies adopt a more dynamic approach to releasing software products. Many organizations are using DevOps with cloud to accelerate software development. The adoption of Agile project management practices, which is an efficient method for software delivery in a short period is also driving Digital Transformation.

DevOps Consulting

Integrate organization’s culture, processes and tools, to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better product quality

Pilot Framework and Tool Stack Construction

Leverage existing tools and integrate them with best-in-class open source and licensed tools to build a robust tool stack

DevOps e2e

End-to-end framework has the ability to plug in the gaps due to varying maturity levels in different phases of the implementation and provide a smooth transition to a common maturity level