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Modern enterprise IT ecosystems are built up on modular technology blocks that provide access to data, connectors, security, infrastructure and interoperability solutions among various devices and software. These blocks must work in total harmony to deliver flawless customer experiences to customers and cater to varying levels of expectations across industries. Any disruption in such ecosystems can have an adverse impact on performance.

To maintain a proper balance, there needs to be a well augmented support system that can enable enterprises manage customer expectations effectively. CSS Corp, with its experience of managing complex product and technology support ecosystems, has built its Cognitive Customer Experience Platform; a comprehensive digital experience suite for enterprise support. The platform adopts a 3-pronged approach to simplify enterprise support ecosystems. The suite is highly customizable and customers can adopt the complete end-to-end package or as standalone solutions that best fits their specifications and requirements.


Cognitive Assistant
Augmented Reality Based Mobile Support

Process Automation & Integration
Smart Case Analytics

Customer 360 and Knowledge Management


CSS Corp’s Digital Experience Platform


Digital Enterprise Experience Suite


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