At CSS Corp, we put you on the fast track to growth and help you realize the full value of your investment through our combined INCS offerings.

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Today, more than ever, IT leaders are looking out for innovative techniques to keep their IT infrastructure running. They have to find a way to constantly deliver higher levels of IT efficiency, accelerate application delivery, maintain top-notch service levels, and user experience – all at reduced costs.

CSS Corp’s INCS services are designed to meet these challenges head-on and transform your IT ecosystem so that you have a “lights-on” approach for an “always-on” world. Our integrated approach to Infrastructure, Network, Cloud, and Security Services ensures that your IT investments are agile and secure, to fuel your business and other digital transformations.

Managed Infrastructure Services:

CSS Corp helps you realize the full value of your IT infrastructure. CSS Corp has charted out an analytical-solution towards IT service management that focuses on root cause analysis and long-term resolutions that make the service support offerings intelligent, proactive, and intuitive.

Network Services:

CSS Corp’s Network Services provides network operators a complete lineup of services that help them from network planning and optimization till remote support along with tiered NOC support.

Cloud Services:

CSS Corp’s Cloud Services enables enterprises to simplify migration planning for agile cloud adoption and operations, remove cloud transformation complexities to improve agility, and move beyond IaaS to optimize cost and boost operational efficiency.

End User Computing Services (EUCS):

Despite massive digital adoption by enterprises, driving coherent end user experiences is still a huge challenge. CSS Corp’s End User Computing Services simplifies and helps enterprises move from a reactive engagement model to a preemptive model.

Managed Security Services (iSoc):

CSS Corp’s cybersecurity mechanism is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, and Machine Learning (ML) techniques. This helps our team to sense, predict, analyze, secure, and solve every phase of an attack lifecycle and manages your organization’s security posture effectively.


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