CSS Corp is a global leader in Tech Support and IT Services enabling one in three Fortune 1000 companies transform their customer experience. Our Tech Support design focuses on the multi-event and multi-channel journey of the consumers as more than half of all customer interactions happen during this journey. Here is where we see more churn happening as the disjointed & complex buying experience and lack of proper support makes customers drop out of the purchase process.

Enterprise Tech Support

Outclass your competition with 30% to 50% support cost reduction. CSS Corp’s Enterprise Tech Support harnesses the power of automation, digital and data to enable enterprises move to a pre-emptive and proactive support model.

Consumer Tech Support

64% additional revenues generated with proactive support. CSS Corp's customer-centric approach identifies your customers’ buying/technology usage patterns to help you create an informed engagement with them.


64% additional revenues generated through our tech-support services


Your digital partner to help you win in the IoT era


Know your customer first. Key to superior tech-support

Case studies

89% improvement in quality scores and tech support team performance


Poor service experience makes 44% of consumers switch to a competitor

Point of View

Simplifying tech support for lasting and meaningful business relationships