What Makes CSS Corp’s Cognitive Support Services Different? 

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At CSS Corp, we’ve perfected the art and the science of customer service to deliver delightful Customer Experience (CX).  We found that the best support experiences are the ones that never happen. We turned to the power of digital technologies – including Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Advanced Analytics – to reimagine Customer Experience. The result? Our Cognitive CX services offer a modular, outcome-based automation solution to help brands transform their customer experience management approach.

Whether handling general inquiries, providing account and billing management, or handling retention and more, CSS Corp’s cutting edge technologies change your relationship with customers.

Resolves issues before they happen and simplifies the resolution methodology through cognitive insights and automation. Aggregates all information about the query, flags the SOPs that it had referenced and captures the failure point.

Identify new patterns and contexts to influence customers’ purchasing decisions, understand next best action to drives additional revenue, and infuse intelligence into customer propensities and issues resulting in enhanced experiences.

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