Leverage Consumer Tech Support Services for your business with CSS Corp
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Customers today demand seamless support across different devices in their homes. The only way to increase market share is to provide best-in-class Consumer Tech Support. CSS Corp adopts a customer-centric approach that is aligned to your business objectives. This creates opportunities to build enduring relationships with your customers.

Training and Field Implementation

30% to 50% cost reductions with training and self-help support

Sales Cycle Management

Drive customer loyalty with >90% CSAT scores

Home SoC

Save Millions of dollars with proactive smart home support

Premium Technical Support Services

200% reduction in support calls with Premium Technical Support Services


Want to improve average sales order value? Here’s how


Your digital partner in the IoT era


Do you know your customer? Think again

Case studies

83% improvement in the average handling time with over 90% CSAT scores


Poor customer service makes 44% of consumers switch to a competitor

Point of View

How to transform your support center into a profit center