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CSS Corp’s Premium Technical Support Solutions resolves your customer’s Tech Support issues across a multitude of devices; be it at home or at work. We provide effective and efficient multichannel service that includes tech support experts, software and technology expertise to ensure your customer’s issues are addressed and resolved. Our premium support solutions boost revenues and create superlative Customer eXperience in every transaction. We focus on customer stickiness, reference-ablity and increasing customer lifetime value.

To generate additional revenue with attractive margins on low profit products through free one time support, free knowledge base article link and a free chat service

Premium Tech Support is used for out of scope products to generate additional revenue for enterprises. Mobile based support, analytics driven automated support and pre-emptive support deliver superior CX


US$2 million saved annually by reducing headcount through process optimization


Internet of Things – What does the future hold?


Knowledge centered support – the way we solve problems

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100% resolution rates with high upsell opportunities


Poor customer service makes 44% of consumers switch to a competitor

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How to transform your support center into a profit center