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Today, customer experience is the supercharged epicenter of all businesses. Conceptions of what customer experience is have changed, with value-based engagement and innovative pricing models becoming the norm. Customer experience services do not revolve around calls and emails, or just support but it’s the integration of a modular ecosystem, be it sales, marketing, inventory logistics, or finance. The breakdown of any of these modules can wreak havoc to an enterprise thereby pulling down brand equity and customer value.

We offer industry-specific Tailored Customer Experience Services driving digital operations effectively through our bespoke maturity assessment models, proven practices, operational frameworks and optimization techniques to successfully eliminate the challenges that hinder customer engagements. We work extensively with functions that directly impact customer experience and revenue generation e.g. Sales and Marketing, Customer Support and Business Operations.

CSS Corp with insights from over 1+ billion customer transactions has built niche platforms/solutions that facilitates 360-degree customer context, intelligent process guidance, and actionable knowledge that enhances customer interactions. We effectively leverage the power of lever technologies to get a deeper understanding of customer intent and propose relevant services and products that result in additional business for our customers.

Key Customer Experience Services Offerings:

  • Customer Care Services and Partner Care
  • Order Management
  • Content Moderation
  • Fraud Detection
  • KM, Self-service Administration, Customer Database mgmt.
  • Contract Administration
  • Licensing (Provisioning)
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