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Today’s customers require undivided attention from organizations instantly. With too many choices available at their fingertips, they tend to only stick with brands that understand and anticipate their needs and quickly turn away from everything else.

With qualified professionals across three tiers of technical support, we can handle all types of challenges

Hassle-free support for rapid turnaround of products, in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair

Ensure your customers are heard and retain them for life with systematic customer escalation framework

Maintain high-quality technical content across your digital assets

Drive new revenue opportunities and power unique customer experiences


Cognitive Customer Experience Platform – AI Platform for intelligent customer support operations!


10 Strategies to Modernize Customer Support Operations


Transforming Support Operations for World’s No 2 Networking Company through AI-based Predictability

Case studies

83% improvement in the average handling time with over 90% CSAT scores


Cognitive Customer Experience Management

Point of View

How to transform your support center into a profit center

CSS Corp is now Movate

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