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As much as 69% of businesses are expected to be using 5G by 2020. Another report states that more than 79% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for faster data speeds, a key outcome of 5G network. No wonder then that large telecom players are on the race to upgrade their offerings to this step-changing technology. The immense revenue and service potential of 5G makes it essential for telcos to adopt and align their services to it.

  • SDN/ NFV Services
  • 5G Use cases Simulation in NFV Lab
  • Network Slicing Orchestration
  • Automated Cloud Networking
  • AAA Support
  • Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 Services

  • Network Modernization
  • cRAN/ vRAN Services
  • Automated RAN Field Deployment
  • Offshore RAN Field Deployment
  • Backhaul/ Fronthaul Engineering
  • 5G Crosshaul Engineering

  • RF Planning and Design
  • Support for Massive MIMO
  • Self-organizing Network (SON) Services
  • RF Optimization
  • 5G Network Deployments

  • Optical Engineering CoE
  • Remote Integration Support
  • Product Staging Facilities
  • Installation, commissioning and Integration
  • Optical Network Field deployment

  • NFV Automation Suite
  • Auto Spin NFV Infrastructure
  • Testing Automation
  • Live Automated Software Upgrades
  • System Integration Services
  • AI-based Network Traffic Analytics
  • Network Intelligence and Automation


5G Services – The Network of the Future


5G -The New Game – Changer


What 5G Promises – And How it Delivers

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