CSS Corp’s new age analytics solutions help you deliver personalized experiences at every customer touchpoint. We do this through our next-generation business intelligence platform powered by end-to-end analytics offerings including strategy, multi-disciplinary data insights, and an advanced analytics consulting framework.

Speech Analytics Solution

Your customer’s voice is your winning strategy. Accurate insights 25 languages and 100 dialects

Early Warning System

Flagging more than 70% of the events – even before they become mission critical

Log Analysis

90% of the data needed to make informed decisions may lie unused if not for a smart analytical partner

CxO Dashboards

Enabling self-service and on the go insights to support and aid strategic decision making

The Intelligent Virtual Assistant

CSS Corp’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant helps businesses across the industry with Humanized Bot Experience

Content Based Contextual Search

Over 3.5 billion searches in Google per day. Ever wondered how can your business get a lion’s share?


Improve first call resolution by 12% -15% and win more clients


Win additional revenues with a 360 degree view of your customer – See how


New age speech analytics with 90% accuracy in over 25 languages and 100 dialects. Here’s how

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