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Today more than ever, intelligence is the basis of all digital businesses. As analytics and BI continue to be the top innovation investment priorities for IT and business leaders, the need to deliver actionable insights through the art of great data storytelling becomes even more critical. Gartner predicts that by 2021, 75% of all prebuilt reports will be replaced by automated insights delivered on a “most needed” basis.

You can now have actionable data at your fingertips with zero hassles.

CSS Corp’s CruiseBoard packs the power of business intelligence and text analytics, supported by artificial intelligence/machine learning and natural language procession technologies giving the IT Ops Managers real-time actionable insights and granular control of their data.

Deep drawn industry exposure to Data, Analytics for over two decades

Proven experience in over billion transactions

Rich expertise in AI, ML and NLP technologies

Analytics based on exploratory and data discovery approaches

Real-time analytical information and predictive models for better decision making

Big Data, BI, Machine Learning & AI predictive modeling to deliver exceptional CX

84% improvement in decision accuracy with real-time insights

60% cost reduction through data consolidation

65% reduction in manual efforts

Predictive Analytics for Accelerated Insights

Single view with simplified navigation

Intelligent RCA for effective problem resolutions


Change the game with CSS Corp’s CruiseBoard


CruiseBoard: A Game-Changer for your Business!


Is Your Data Holding You Back?

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