Companies are spending a colossal amount of money to streamline their IT operations. Research states, ‘Over 65% of IT budgets are spent on supporting IT applications and infrastructure activities, ensuring that service quality and costs are optimized continuously’. Adding to it, Lack of context-driven and intelligent solutions in the market today prevent enterprises from streamlining their IT operations the way they would like to.

Algorithmic Operations (AIOps) and Predictive Resolutions

Automate your IT Infrastructure algorithmically

Automation and Self-Healing

Digitize IT operations with AI based automation and predictive intelligence

IT Operations Analytics and Visualization

Simplify IT Operations with real-time visibility and insights

Automated Learning and Agent Amplification

Unlock and amplify human intelligence to enhance operational efficiency


Optimize and modernize IT operations


Contelli – The Intelligent Automation Platform for IT Infrastructure Management


Simplify IT Infrastructure Complexity